Screenshot Amiga Demo: Melon Dezign | Prism

Prism (HOT)

Melon Dezign

Slideshow 1993

Code: Performer
Grafik: Mack
Sound: Delorean

Grafiken von Mack

echt coole Bilder, Landschaften, Frauen ...

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| the mack's slide show 1992 | a melon dezign production i (mack) am going to give you some informations about 'prism'... this slide-show represents all my work since 1990, and, as you can see, my style has changed with time... these following pictures were done without model: trognon, amigaga!, alliance, epave, space, paradise delirium, affiche and painting. the picture called 'medusa' required me a lot of work !!!... important: due to a restricted amount of bytes on this disk, i already announce the release of the second part of 'prism' in a few months... i give double hellos to two talented friends, walt 'n' hof ! address all your letters to: hamidi amar - 14 rue lebrix - 93420 villepinte - france . exchange your own productions with mister mixx: melon dezign fan club - jerome legal - 101 bis rue st charles - 75015 paris - france . | (!?!?) ever in need | of bad music ?????? | i can help you !!!! | just write/call me: | ## sakari hannula! ## | - melon dezign -

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