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Megademo 1989

erstes Kefrens Megademo

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| welcome to kefrens first real megademo. it is a dark and windy evening in september. after a long delay this piece of coding is thrown at your commy. release date : 18th of september 1989. we used the forces of the pyramides and in the spirit of the now long time dead master coder king kefren we from kefrens created this megademo. today at the bank of the nile a powerful earthquake was reported. we believe that he turned in his grave after having watched the prerelease of this beautiful megademo. we could not let him rest in peace, sorry. we promised him to greet the following frontiers on the amiga scene... eclipse - oracle - black monks - amnesea - bamiga sector 1 - quicksilver - the band - trilogy - red sector - vision factory - alpha flight - quartex - dream team - piranhas - commodore guys - new generation - copper crew - risky business boys - the web inc. - the new masters - phenomena - the silents - supreme... if king kefren forgot anyone do not blame him, he is mighty old. let him rest for now. it has been a hard week. | 2.. guru fuckitation | text restarts: | audio master | dansk vi ses drenge | audio master | for ume persons i know... | ;text restarts: | drecorded with perfect | ?ound from sunrize industries. | 8ilogy =<<no calls since bs1-party. why?@ | end of lazer-transmision !!2 | a b,eaugh from | demo in another | text restarts: | move cursor op/dow | onfwould use it anyway

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