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Megademo 1990

Code: Murphy, Deftronic, The Spy, Grumble & Saxs
Grafik: Zycho, Deftronic, Merlin & Madonna Freak
Sound: Blazer & S.L.L

UAEInfo: Kick1.3
2ter Platz auf Amiga Conference 90 Demo Competition
Noia Demo * Pigs in Space * Madonna End Demo

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| select a masterpiece: noia demo deftronic + the spy pigs in space grumble + saxs madonna end demo saxs | welcome to another fantastic | crionics megademo | credits for this loaderintro: | coding - murphy musics - blazer | font - deftronic logo - zycho | this megademo was made on | the silents / red sector copyparty | spyranhaz, moses team, kefrens, | and all other contacts ... | c> by the way, this is murphy typing | failed returncode 213 | c> fuck your error-code, this is important | stuff(ehh close to...) | special messages: | bender: hope to see you soon on this | promax: i already love your new asm... | liteace: haven't seen you since the | kefrens party in february?!?! | mr. mega mind: you too?!?!? | end of messages... | made by blazer | made by blazer

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