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The First Magic Production

Skid Row


Rasters, Dots, Sins

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| bthis is no virus..so dont kill this lamers! signed: magic drummer of skid row gimme a call 49(0)5271 38168 oxhxg`x_pw`]c`vopghp?ok@:+06;0( | nu oh what a fuck guys!!! sine scrollers i hate them!!! but a trackmo without a sine scroller isnt a trackmo!!!! but its better we go on with some other crap routines! | nu yeah guys...... have you already uploaded something at crack house??????? no?????? then you have missed much!!!! yeahh really!!! believe me... their are fast and cool warez only!!! you are welcome to call crack house bbs !! watch this demo till the end for the number!!!!! | --------------------- skid row -- proudly present -- the first magic! -- production!! --------------------- | a new dentro.... | this time it is | nothing special!! | only a few routines for you all! | ladies and gentleman | lean back and get | rid of some rumors.. | write down some | enjoy the show! | lets begin this demowith some awesome | that looks better! | yeah guys.. rasters! | we all like them! | this routine isn't | improved till now | so we wanna leave it | and now prepare for | some parallax crap | in 16 color mode! | (about 200 bars per | it took some time | correct animations | but this routine is | some months old and | my time is running | out for improving! | anyway you will not | as i said already... | it looks nice!!! | next we will | show you something | older.. but cooler! | did you like | now let's hear | another song from | hold on please | 260 8 color bobs! | quite nice... | yeah guys!!! | enjoy this demo | prepare for a new | now follows.... | 3200 realtime dots!! | you can't believe | count them! | enjoy the chaos! | press your left | button to return! | for more snow.. | turn on your | tv set at night! | now it is up to you | for greeting cards | or just for fun | there is only one | finally there is | only one part left! | the end part!! | contact f.gillet at | 24 clos champs bouton | 6760 virton belgium ! | a cool greetinks at | these gods :megadeath | +adress all kiiiidzzz! | bey bey see u !!!!!!! | this is the final part of the skid row mega demo! | first i want to send some personal regards to my real friends | thanx to shut berlin for supporting my work and for promoting my first intros | hey guy i will never forget your help! | special thanx to bob duncan you are always a cool friend you gave me the moral support to end this demo | thanx to starscream thanx for your help when i got some problems you are a great coder!! and i wish you luck for your future | normal hellos to the following guys | bladestorm and warlord | the whole animators team | sniffy and stagediver energy | thundercat hehe donnerkatze!!!! | all members of ex endless piracy | and finally to all skid row members | big hellos to all callers of crack house | now some messages and g r e e t i n g s | from metallica and subzero | we have 2 new bulletin boards in u n i t e d g e r m a n y | nuclear assault sysop m e t a l l i c a co sysops subzero and depode! | crack house sysop is the coder of this great demo magic drummer!! | by the way the jam bbs is online with 2 nodes! now ( germans hottest place!! ) | if you miss the numbers! simply look in our latest cracks | and now the greetings | f a i r l i g h t (strider and gaston!) | c r y s t a l (phil douglas! nice to meet ya) | fred and dj rakim of vf! | t h e c o m p a n y phil and randyran! | h q c (for the high quality cracks) | factor five! (keep up to beat the bitmaps!!) | a l p h a f l i g h t (great to see, how much!!) (trainers coming out in the) (last time, keep up the cool) ( w o r k ) | tristar! and red sector inc (specials to irata for all) (the ....! in the last years) (and b i g greetz to) (the bigger one, w cola paddys) ( forever hehe, cu ) | shut berlin and bob duncan | and to all the other like | onyx! (razor) rebels d tect anarchy silents phenomena oracle judas priest! legend! supplex | and a l l the others we have forgotten! hyper giga mega high ja hops to | to our friends on ibm pc ( t h e d r e a m t e a m ) | f f c (for all the great work!) | selim and (for all elite!) rudi (amiga firsts) | and ofcourse to all active! members of the one and only | you have reached the real end! | releasing date 11th of november 1991 | magic drummer and skid row says goodbye! | 420 sec of pleasure ! | by the best (hey !!)! | kip cooool !!!!!!!!!! | wi not write | at this god at : | gillet fabrice , | 24,clos champs bouton | joki an hop to my | at all gr8t guyzzz !! | yup yup see u dudy !! | nu welcome to the end part of the skid row multipart demo first of all i wannagive you the credits for this demo all code and design was done by >>magic drummer!<< all gfx you see were pixeld by tim/level 4 the two tunes in the main part were protrackered by apregiator this tune was made by the one and only: s u b z e r o !! prepare for the real end part now! press the left one!! | of s.s.r./skid row!!! | thanx to factor 5 for | [the original samples | of turrican ii | also thanx to all the | dudez i known... | original tfmx version | it was hard but great | skid row...twice the | trouble... enjoy our | latest original's on | lthe best is even...

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