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Megademo 1990

Disk 2/2

mit Tron-Spiel und Combat-Dogfight

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| the predators megademo - released december 1989 - loader code by ultrafox with dma routines by piranha | predators megademo disk two | 1234567890-=\ 0qwertyuiop 123asdfghjkl;" 456 zxcvbnm,. | 1f1 one player | if2 two players | af3 two players | yf4 define keyboard | f5 sound on off | f10 start game | esc pause game any key continue | keyboard define | press esc to return to options | afire up down left right | press the new key for | zgame paused | put the data disk into drive a | then press a key | ight mcmlxxxvii sega inc | alien syndrome | jjohn jones=steele | xtahir rashid | your mission has | your mission | 2your comrades have | fbeen captured by | destroy the enemy | and rescue them | in the year 2000 a d the war ended and | peace was temporarily restored to the | fhowever no one knows when the | zforces will make another attempt to | ninvade and conquer our planet | in the event that such a catastrophe | again befalls us only you can come to | alien syndrome ranking list | enter your name player

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