Screenshot Amiga Demo: Red Sector Inc. | Megademo

Megademo (CULT)

Red Sector Inc.

Megademo 1989

Code: Dr.Beat & Delta
Grafik: Dark, Dr. C, Delta & Scum
Sound: Dr. C, Mark II, Romeo Knight, Bit Arts & SCS

1ter Platz Tristar Party 1989
First, there was Exact. And now, Red Sector presents... A TCC design... Megademo
Disk 1/2

Eines der besten Megademos! Super GFX, Sound und neue Routinen machten das Demo zum Cult!

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| hi stranger !! you entered the deep world of bootblocks!!! don't rip anything out of this demo!! red sector -one step closer to dilirium tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tc | press right mouse button to pause loading jo bubbles and bobbles!! finally we made it !! tcc of red sector is proud to present their (megademo) released on the tristar party on the 9.9.89 in venlo!!! and now grab your funstick and move it up + down .... # what??? try it with left + right ... ahhh!! that's speed!!!! now here comes a transmission from #delta# and (dr beat): with this statement we dissociate ourselves from the swapping of (evil) ! he always searched for new contacts but didn't wrote back to them... well, evil... there are two ways: stop everything or write to those guys who sent stuff to you!!! this superb muzak was made by our friend mack iii from quacklight!!! oh no!! sorry darius!! it's mark ii from quadlite!! # # % $ %% this demo is the greatest mega demo ever made!!! here are the main advantages of it: great sound + great coding + great gfx + drunken scrolltexts + great ideas + arrogant coders !!!!! + tv adds + most stupid team of the world + nerving swapperbrains helped to keep the coders nerved + own disk-loader + compatible to some amigas + also loading on delta's machine + using full memory from 000c0 up to 7ffff + no dos + no libraries + no trackdisk + no disk + no dma access + no blitter + no joystick + no risk + no fun + no coding + no ??? + no denies + no denies on denies + no brain!!! + no pain.... to contact tcc of red sector put a message into a bottle and throw it into the ocean... oopppss! just a joke,guys!!! if you want to contact tcc then write to: darius moharregh-khiabani luther weg 76 3050 wunstorf west germany warning!! only legal stuff!! only pd and demos!! for the german lamers: keine raubkopien!! no swapping!!! we don't want to get in trouble with police!! if you are a cool coder or a good demo-group or if you want to buy a intro from us or if you want to join us then contact us!!! also offers of software companies are welcome!!!! signing of: delta and dr beat | n95ei yum-ya

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