Screenshot Amiga Demo: Red Sector Inc. | Megademo

Megademo (CULT)

Red Sector Inc.

Megademo 1989

Code: Dr.Beat & Delta
Grafik: Dark, Dr. C, Delta & Scum
Sound: Dr. C, Mark II, Romeo Knight, Bit Arts & SCS

Disk 2/2

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| audio master | hi stranger !! you entered the deep world of bootblocks!!! don't rip anything out of this demo!! red sector -one step closer to dilirium tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tcc!tc | tcc of red sector | coder and gfxman | one megademo is enough for my whole life!!!!! | tcc of red sector | the one and only !! | tcc of red sector | hor auf zu spielen frosch | red sector | look in the loader part | red sector | dass auch | black monks | west germany | quite okay | quartex, the wolf keeps on climbijng .... | grafix wizard | hello to black monks and red sector | west germany | lame in name | fine work | hi there to red sector and tarkus team | nice stevie wonder vector balls | a big hi to all rsi members | fuck you | i only saw the last part | scheiss hitze hier ! | mister president | red sector inc. | coding and graphics | rsi made the best! | fuck for loosers!!! | i dont know | fuck for lamers!! | very good | greetz to all!!! | 166 warwick road | fucking awesome | hi dirk!...send all the rsi warez my freind! | fuck lamer! | fucking cool! | see you at this years pcw show!

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