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Wild Copper (HOT)

Wild Copper

Demo 1988

UAEInfo: Kick 1.3
WB Scroller * Vektor * Circle Scoller * Big in Japan * Reset

Workbench Demo! Originelle Idee!

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| audio master | audio master | to the little red bike for nothing to all | to the human creativity for the rs age to jerry cornelius for the legend to pq for the dome to \] for the music to the music for the dream and to the dream for the word ok ! just make a pause ! | before the continuation of the greetings, we are going to let the yellow squadron take off for a great mission> ahead : the leader and then : the squadron | defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi defghi | good luck kids ! and now a big h | d freddy kruger | d kenyan kracking krew | d ok koral | please keep the children away because we will become rude against our ennemies> | first a personal message to a dear friend> this message is in french but please try to understand it and | 8n[u] spread it in the world ( with the accents ! because it is very important in french, you know> ) this is the message | great message isnt it ? | then of course> a big fucking to a shitty faggot : | this belgian bastard of | from cbc last but not least a message to all the virus makers, silly assholes : fuck your mother ! | then after, here come some surprises : | like a reflexion on the enigma of time | a dream of a city | a hope of escape in space | a feeling of hungry | a perfect cuboid of the second generation | now you know that you do watch a wild copper demo until the end ! and this is not the end, because we are gonna to give you the control ! these are the instructions : 1 - keep cool it s very simple ! 2 - begin by relax yourself 3 - sit down a | nd open a coke 4 - inspiration 5 - expiration 6 - inspiration 7 - expiration 8 - inspiration 9 - expiration 10 - ready ? 11 - so let s go ! 12 - the f10 key makes nothing 13 - but i like it ! 14 - to control the moves : use the numeric keyboard 15 - not yet !! | c 15b - wait the signal ! 16 - to control the objects : use the | up and down to go up and to go down 17 - the moves : 18 - use 0 to stop all moves 19 - use 1-2 to go around one axis 20 - use 4-5 to go around an other axis 21 - use 7-8 to go around the third axis 22 - use 3-6-9 to go through the fourth dimension 23 - use ctrl-amiga-amig | e6ba to restart all the game 24 - use the magic keys to see the secret scroll 25 - christmas ! hello to the funny santa claus from tac 26 - use enter to enter in hyperspace 27 - this message will auto-destroy in 10 seconds good luck ! | ladies and gentlemen let me present> possibly the most important | thing this side of the world> this is> this is> the wild copper | team and his new demo | so welcome to our universe ! first : the team : | sculpt-3d creator, programmer, coder and motorcycle boy, author of the source code of this wonder | 6ful demo | founder of the team to which he gave his name, programmer, coder and genious | graphist designer of the team ( and scroll-text redactor ) | coder, programmer and musician ( great musician ) | music and noise maker who prevent us from sleeping after long nights of programmation> | of course we are always in the best | computer shop in &' : | tecsoft 18 rue du pont des morts 57 000 metz france | 87 32 16 43 and 55 rue des quatre eglises 54 000 nancy france too | 83 37 06 47 indeed we have always ( and sale ) the fatest amiga in france with a 68030, a 68882 and 2 mega of fast access static ram> | bip bip | but warning : | coding but no swapping ! | now, we want to tell you a little story> hum | some years ago, the | of simone troupignol escaped from his cage and tried to reach the ocean> after long days fighting and struggling against the elements, globulo ( he was named globulo ) finally reached the end of the river and entered into the sea> when they read the news of the escape in the dail | y-planet, a group of teenagers decided to found a group of teenagers and to call it : le-gang-des-poissons-rouges-sauvages> some months later, | born, using the own name of his younger and gifted member ( | ) this is the reason why the team will probably change his name in the next powerfull and magical demo : be watchful ! | le gang des | and now here come, for your pleasure or your displeasure, the famous greetings of the team : love, hate, power, shame, desire, hope, glory, fun and madness for the world first : | to *[ for being to ^_ for the challenge to z{ for the box or the drink ? to | for the joy to | for the game | for turning everywhere ! to gigi for repairing all our burned machines to dom for his hilarious stories and the antiflicker-card to jiminy for a night to the aquadrome to francois for the food and the tampons on my fidelity card to loustal for good and sad memories to the number 42 for the answer | to the blue sky to eric serra for the big blue to actarus for saving the world everytimes to riuichi sakamoto to laurent-tete-de-noeud for en avoir une toute petite to my watch which is yellow with a big blue wave and two green coconut trees to the human creativity for the bed to amstrad-schneider for their ./ machines | to -zythum- for being the last word in all french dictionaries to the national liberation front of groenland to the last voice to the 194th page of a book to sincerity to deoxyribonucleic acid and to sodium to the f10 key to you for reading my delirium to the left foot of neil amstr | $0-ong to the new owner of la-tartine to this sweet night to this poor karsten obarski since doc have retouched his program to doc for your nice demo with balls and demons great ! to | for his magic keys to zanzibar for his to 2 z to robert and collins for their help to airbus industries for their flying xy ! | lea palette,a5 | cont: lea ral(pc),a0 | lea zigend(pc),a0 | lea zig(pc),a6 | lea palette,a | lea palette1,a4 | lea palette,a5 | okw4: lea savea2(pc),a0 | lea savea3(pc),a0 | lea savea4(pc),a0 | lea savea5(pc),a0 | lea savea6(pc),a0 | lea tableau(pc),a3 | move.w #265,d0 ;nombre de lignes-1 | lea ecdebpl1,a0 | lea ecdebpl2,a1 | lea ecfin,a0 | lea ecfin2,a1 | lea bitpl1(pc),a3 | lea bitpl2(pc),a4 | lea ecdebpl1,a0 | lea ecdebpl2,a1 | ouiii: lea compt(pc),a0 | beq retst | move.w #$20,$dff09c ;reset le bit 5(vbr) | lea copper(pc),a0 | lea adrcopper,a1 | lea copperend(pc),a2 | lea data(pc),a3 | lea rouleau(pc),a2 | lea decal(pc),a2 | lea decalfin(pc),a3 | 7sdc.w $0101,$fffe ; on commence a la ligne $38 | move.l #reset,a0 ;adresse de mon reset | lea $22(a6),a1 ;chksum (uword) des 24 mots precedents | clr.w d0 ;utilise pour le cheksum | not.w d0 ;on inverse tout! | lea palette1,a0 | lea palette,a2 | beq c_est_fini | lea long1(pc),a1 | lea long(pc),a3 | lea prgfin(pc),a0 | move.w #$838f,$dff096 ;audio + copper + bitmap enable | move.w #$0020,$dff096 ;sprites disable | lea saved1(pc),a5 | lea saved0(pc),a4 | lea savea6(pc),a0 | lea zig(pc),a1 | lea compt(pc),a0 | g lea saved1(pc),a5 | lea saved0(pc),a4 | lea palette,a1 | lea zigend(pc),a0 | lea zig(pc),a6 | lea palette,a2 | lea palette,a3 | lea palette1,a4 | move.l #reset,a0 ;adresse de mon reset | lea $22(a6),a1 ;chksum (uword) des 24 mots precedents | clr.w d0 ;utilise pour le cheksum | e not.w d0 ;on inverse tout! | lea reset,a1 | lea gfxlib,a1 | lea doslib,a1 | ;callsys findtask | lea pr_msgport(a4),a0 | ;callsys waitport | ;callsys getmsg | ; callsys currentdir | t strikes back | audio master | b_q` says hello to | and k says : | see you illico 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 | are you ready ? | g watch out h | b are proud_{` to present | you their new u l of demo | big in japan | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | assign wild: df0: | runback >nil: wbdemo | big in japan | big in japan.info | big in japan | big in japan.info | soundtracker player doc version workbench + fastmem + interuption by wild copper (rv) music by >>> pat <<< !!! alphaville | number of blocks | bytes per block | default tool | i'm not sure | default tool | info release 1.2 | error in number | time should be hh:mm | na is a directory, not a file! | run >nil: <nil: | as a background task | as a background task | cannot find resident tag for %s | cannot start tool (error %ld) | cannot find resident tag for %s | cannot start tool (error %ld) | !invalid option combination n & h | where optional loaddelay is 0-9, | where optional loaddelay is 0-9, | specified in seconds for the cli | specified in seconds for the cli | to sleep, waiting for task to load | to sleep, waiting for task to load | (minimizes inter-task disk-thrashing) | (minimizes inter-task disk-thrashing) | :command not found | :command not found | ran out of memory! | ran out of memory! | is a directory, not a file! | !unable to create backgr | !unable to create backgr | wild copper crew | presents a preview of it's great demo disk | there are some bugs left !!! the final version is coming soon ! | 1> all musics composed and performed by pat | 1.5> the workbench scrolling demo music was | soundtrackered from sonix (great music, tem !!!) | and performed by b.v. (bug vindicator ???) | 2> coded by seb and rv | 4> ouais mon gars | 5> pat says: "hi, f | red !!!" and rob hubbard says: "whoah !!!" | z; reset tecsoft's demo by wild copper in 1988 | palette=$40000 ;adresse des couleurs. | nb=1 ;nbr. de vb avant de schtroumpfer. | funzel=17 ;nb de vb avant clignotement. | warm start.info | audio master | no name specified | invalid device name %s | run out of store | no name specified | invalid device name %s | run out of store | wild copper is proud to present you his new demog using the fantastic graphic capabilities of the amigag with a real time rotation of charsg only amiga makes it possible eee date of re | the original idea and graphics are from ze kikoe | programmed by seb alias wild copper hwith the help of rvi y and the fabulous music from pat le bon hnot bad for his first tune on amigae i | we achieved our work after many sleepless nightsg many n and more | if you want to contact usg we are in the best computer shop in europe k | tecsoftg in franceg [b rue du pont des morts _addd metz | ba ]\ [` ^] indeed we have the fastest amiga in europe | and now some greetingsjjj thanks to mario for his pizzas g mrjcadbury g lug coca colag corsog marilyn chambers | e hwaooog what a girleig and the beautiful bakery girl for her cakesjjj great hello to lollyg barbara and her glucoseg spokg texg ok koralg xandg bamiga sector one and kent team ghqc for the cruncher gkarsten obarski for the ultimate soundtracker and all tecsoftls squattersjjj | a special fucking for deltaline suckerse you are vw | ndue we ozs{ | and m you next time bastardsejjj and also great fucking to nadeg and aaaaaaaaaaamstrad schneider and aaaaaaaaaaatari for their u machinesg we canlt call that shit a computerjjj | all righte letls go for some personal messages from the teamk | heye heye heye ze kikols speakinge hello to ajojnj big kiss to my | girl and my old cat | who are sleeping at this time hrei beautiful nighte soft light and warm airg the spring is tomorrow and i hope illl see new york one | have you ever seen my marvellous cartoon demo on amiga with the flying ppp f | isnlt it f righte good night to all | g and now let the other friends speakjjj salut a tous et gros bisous mouilles partout de la part dlrv le motard fou | e vous avez tous le bonjour de sheriff le chien | ainsi que dlalphonse et de moka les deux chatsg qui se portent tres bien dlailleursjjj a propos de ces | de connards de byte banditsg dites leurg si vous les rencontrezg | tout le bien que je pense de leur virus o | jjj si vous venez aux bozars passez dire bonjour au valdacujjj tchao bella eee pat le bon says a big hello to rob hubbardg the god | of y computer music y if you like my music and want an original and good tune for your intros contact mee | girls in the worldg especially the one ilm thinking aboutjjj another big greeting to lord britishg who gives us the twoe beste games on computers until nowk ultima ] and ultima | o^ eee ein grossen dank zu den deutschen crackers auf dem amigag die die aktivsten heutzutage sinde programmiert uns schnell so schoene demose at lastg a message to all the atari ownersk try to make this on your u v machinejjjand hello to rem le bong boss of tecsoft and jjjj the technician whols going to speak nowjjj gruesse und kuesse vom vette sepg der einzige techniker der mehr blitter kaputt gemacht hat als amstrad schneider waschmaschinen gebaut hatj tchawag en tan | t que concepteur de cette demo je ne dirais qulune chosek laurent tlas une tete de noeud et une toute petite v as the nuls said hthanks to canal plusi lune bien belle demo comme on aimerait en voir plus souventl la wonderful demo weld like to see more oftenl jiminyj saluti tutti e il boss di tecsoft che parlaj son contento di presentare la mia squadraj cle il seb che purtroppo una testa di cazzoj il bravo kiko che mi prende la | per designareg rv b che ha tutto il | mio cuoreg jj il mio technicone e il mio fratellok laurent tete de noeud e il suo amico pat le musicosj rem le bonj may the force be with you | fin the end ende fine | heavy but cool | mmmmm oh but look at your mouse pointer \ is it a devil | h what ? oh yes it | s a new joke of the incredible wild copper team hahahahahahahahahaha | they are funny ar | wild copper crew are : | q alias b coder s author of this demo k programmer s author of nice demos^too y the diskbuster s programmer s and musician of all our demos x graphist s designer of all our demos t profesional noise maker s the music you are listening to was arranged by him | as tete de noeud et une toute petite queue | we were in the best computer shop in c \ s n tecsoft 18 rue du pont d | es morts 57 000 metz france e 87 32 16 43 and 55 rue des quatre eglises 54 000 nancy france e 83 37 06 47 | we have the fastest amiga in france with the 68030^the 68882 and 2 mega of fast access static ram but warning: | coding but no swapping | and now here come | the famous greetings and fuckings of b crew : love and hate^ m and u a first | to the only guy who always steals others | demos and has never never never never created anything at all | : the sucker^the r^the faggot^the ~^the basic user^the asshole^the mangeur de frites^the belgian bastard | fuck you \ | an other | to a dear friend | oh yeah w | hare hare hare krishna krishna hare hare nadegrone nadegrone kiko tient a voir le caractere 124 : et pour kiko le caractere 124 tdzammm : | | q dis que k deconne completement a cette heure de la nuit _2h58` | well well well now some serious greetings | and all ze megalo krakers hello to janal thanks for your visit et bravo pour la panne d | essencea hello to wally le plombier de super sexy felicitations to airbus industries for their flying ~aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgghhhh and also great congratulations to jean marie ra for his minister seat and to marcel duglandu for his help euh and simone troupignol for mora | l support with her lover g paul chombier le tenebreux film : krodakolor e8 41b stylos : bic drinks : cocacola orangina societe mosellane des eaux et le reseau de distribution urbain frenchie version : les ateliers dumoulin berthouillut mere et fils with the voice of marcel duglandu as the monitor marie luce mjunhybgtmnb as the disk drive oh yeah and sharp pc1401 as cunegonde la plantureuse toute ressemblance | avec des evenement | s ou des tartines beurrees existantes ou ayant pu pouvoir exister serait purement un drole de hasard ouais mon gars | what french killing jokes isn | boom tschak boing | boom tschak boing | boom tschak hopla hopla | and now the source of the next cbc demo by < firesoft < : | 10 rem great cbc source code by < firesoft < 20 rem code stolen from akrokoligth 30 rem 40 rem initialisation 50 let a = 0 60 dim b_10^10` 66 input key 65 wait the rain 64 goto 63 63 goto 64 70 print final value 80 if happy then applause else fuck you 10503 a=a[0 : end 205487 rem end of powerfull 3d < cbc < demo | ou know the question which the answer is 42 ?? | ? ? ? ? ? > oh yes \ of course \aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | s the new demo of b | this demo was made in two days with the old seka and achieved on 12th july 1988 at d am and now @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@now@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@break@your@chains@and@follow@your@master@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@break\@@@ @ @@ @ @ and let | s have fun \ | audio master | soundtracker player doc version workbench + fastmem + interuption by wild copper (rv) music by >>> pat <<< !!! warm start

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