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Dead Dance Trash


Demo 1990


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| boot-loading and trackdisk by raistlin/northstar release date : 5th of november 1990 -- if you want to use the tune in your demos, just write that it is ripped off from moby of alcatraz. beware !!! | this disc was imported into aussie by: tal/majic12. contact tal for elite mail swapping on: tal, c/- rmb 4460, winnindoo, 3858, australia. you can send 3.5 or 5.25 for a million percent reply!!!! contact me if you also want to modem trade at 19200 to 38400 courier hst. write to me for the number. wait to hear from you all.... | tal 4 sue 4 tal 4 sue 4 tal 4 sue | this is thrash | tune written by: | for my great friends | from northstar france | many fucks to tip | from dual crew for | stealing my music

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