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Confused Lines


Demo 1990

UAEInfo: Kick1.3, 512Chip, 1MB Fast

auf Demo Collection #8

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| #thomas landsprung - a trip to mars | silents - the blue house | disknet - confused lines | unique - universal pictures | vision factory - intro | 9bootmenu written by digi - dial timeout +49-(0)40-5604688 | demo collection #8topaz.font | music by fred, player by jc & fred. greetings to rob hubbard! | a glacial wind blows on the red planet. | john, our hero, is sitting in front of the spaceship command-panel | of the zargon xb12 with pulso-reactors | you are looking at the hydroponic-central tower located in the myrtos plain, | started in the year 2080, just after the colonisation of mars... | ok, let's move a little in this strange world. | now you can enjoy the warbird, state-of-the-art of the martian technology, | the latest warship created | 9to fight the klingons (here again!) | what a wonderful planet,no? | in front of us, we see a martian helicopter, very very rare here! | this one is a very old model (helicos, on mars!) | we now fly to the network communication centre (ncc), | at which we wanna get connected with the earth... | the ncc is a high-tech martian development, with its 3 high density | borgol-propane distributors. | now, just look at one of the strange pla | ce of mars: the flying | village. wich is made of four flying panel! | they live in their house, about 50 meters of the floor! | how this geant stones fly in the air? | this is still a mistery | so, it's time now to leave this planet. i hope you've enjoyed | now, i just want to show you some of 'guest stars' of this | this is the megablasting hoover ship of john | with is powerful turbo-booster | but it's not very cleaver for the environment! | but it's look very impressive no? | yeah man, fun................... | and now a little carrier, | usually used for transport on the surface | the warbird, of course. | this powerful weapon is really big | but technically too: about 50 faces + the shadow !!! | yeah man, the shadow take a lot of time to do ! | one of the martian copter | nice copter, no? | the docking spacship, used for the surface to orbite travels | but it can't do long trave | a little auto-driven mecha-robot. but it doesn't seem to be | good at the moment! | and this martian motorbyke | it's inspired by the 20's century movie "tron" | another tom soft production | i want you to make a little trip in mars, for a few minutes | ok, so this ship will soon land on mars! | docking phase initialised......... | docking ready..................... | let's start the trip now | this is the first demo who bring you in a strange world: | music by fred, player by jc & fred. greetings to rob hubbard! | music by fred, player by jc & fred. greetings to rob hubbard! | 3 disks megademo? i think one good demo is better than six average demos! | and to all the megademos makers: please, if you really want to do | a megademo, put a selector to choose what you want to see !!! it's really | a pity to have to look at all the disk, to see only the good last part! | now some little hello: | are you still working on my graphics? | - martyn of newsflash u.k. | newsflahs is always great & intersting | - delta of red sector | ?o8?ope to see something new from you soon! | - ray of amignuts united | no poipoi this time | you've perhap's noticed that i used your font for | the first part of the demo! hope i can do it! | - thomas crown | ( join us on the amiga ?!) | (look at his nice paradox demo!) | - marauder of mystics | cool tune disk! | - cool j of unique | - stinger of paradox | and to all the r-tel guys: eure | ka (gvb), amigo of brainwave, | now, the technical info. the files needed ares: | they are all needed!!!! | yes, this is a lot of files, but this will make us | a little the cli, just to see if you're not one of these fucking lamers | who don't know how to make compilations! | so, i just want to see if you can do it! hahahah! | 'you want to know more about this: | the main source code is: 3867 lines long (68 kbytes) | but add to this | for the filling and drawing routines, and | for the iff handling! | and this only for the main part! | this was made using the great devpac2, with the help of ads | (assembly development system, made by a friend of mine!) | the hardest was to do the script of the demo, because i have no | editor, and this take | me a long time ! | it's a little bit harder make a ship moving around the world than | just showing simple objects flying in front of you! | but it think the result is pretty good! | but remember: | seka is still lame! | tom soft in 1990 | * a trip to mars | programming and design | thomas landspurg | fred (very old tune! copyright 1989 fred) | this is really the last p | &art of this demo. hope you've enjoyed it! | right mouse button to stop scrolltext, | and of course, left mousebutton to exit | use keys f1 - f4 for some synthetic tunes | and f5 - f7 for little sinthetic jingles | if you want to put this demo on one of your | disk, notice that it's made with a lot (!) of differents files! they are | all needed!!! read the end of the | scroll to know how to do | now, the story of this demo: | the first version was made for the contest of the french | papermag, gen4. the first price of this contest was an archimede and a | multisync monitor!!!! so, you see, a very nice price. | this was at the beginning of june. | but i had not a lot of time to do it, because i had to work | too! so i've made the first version of this | but it seem's that i've not win this contest: i think | that they prefers lame copperlist, bobs bouncing with a looooot of scroll- | so i've made the final version of the demo. the very first | part is enterly new, the beginning and the end of the demo, with some really | great effects. so this version is even better and different than the first | so now, 29 june, this is the really final version! | and i hope that i'll win something with my demos , one | actually, i've not earn anything with them! | and the last part have been improved too!!! | but the attentive spectator have noticed some bugs left!! | sorry guys, better next time! | from me, you can find: | dream pack | les poipois | if you want this, just write to me and send me a disk ( empty or | full, but no illegal stuff!): | thomas landspurg | 9, rue baldung-grien | first, some mega-giga-hypra greets to alien (of humanoids) for | being the first guy who made a real new innovative demo since a long | time. this demo is named plasmaworld, and each time put it in my drive, | i can't stop looking at it. really great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | (but the evolution demo on the disk is a little bit boooring!) | to alactraz: why don't you try to make simple demo instead of | the amiga tooltime: 07:46:49 by meikel | &part of the final trip to mars version | &part of the final trip to mars version | &part of the final trip to mars version | &part of the final trip to mars version | &part of the final trip to mars version | &part of the final trip to mars version | tom soft presente: | a trip to mars..... | (final version!) | this is really the final | version, with new great effects!! | \sread the final scrolltext to know | the complete story of this demo and | this is only the intro of the | demo.hope you'll enjoy it!!!! | it was made for the | \s sorry for not being at this party, | but this demo is my | this party........................ | and sorry, but i have no picture of | mars, so i take an earth picture's | ok, you can press the button | if no, i'll do it for you. | &part of the final trip to mars version | l&part of the final trip to mars version | `>a trip to mars main program, version 1.01 by thomas landspurg | alta of the silents!!! | 1989 by fridtjof siebe | chevrolet van | $unable to create background process

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