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DigiSound I

A.C.S - Germany

Musicdisk 1987

Land of Confusion

Amiga Diskfile Image (ADF)

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| this disk was installed with tristar-viruskiller v1.1 -------------------------- written 1988 by transformer (disk is protected against the sca-virus) | x}tapeghs x5disibbf_:xx@84 | -=h#0ps:7xur bia8 | echo " a.c.s. international presents: " | echo "a digiproduction product........" | echo "cd mastered by obsidian the dark" | echo "genesis's 'land of confusion'" | echo "special greets to acs-denmark and acs-italy" | echo "greets to ras,obelisk-crew,atom-crew,bst,hotline,kent-team,irata,ecc," | a.c.s.-germany presents : - digisound i -" | *** land of confusion / genesis *** | this digisound is public domain. all rights by a.c.s. ! | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | echo "i must've dreamed a thousand dreams" | echo "been haunted by a millon screams" | echo "i can hear the marching feet" | echo "they're moving into the street." | echo "now did you read the news today" | echo "they say the danger's gone away" | echo "but i can see the fire's still alight" | echo "burning into the night" | echo "too many men,too many people" | echo "making to many problems" | echo "and not much love to go round" | echo "can't you see" | cho "this is a land of confusion" | echo "this is the world we live in" | echo "and these are the hands we're given" | echo "use them and let's start trying" | echo "to make it a place worth living in..................." | copy df0:spread_it! to ram: | copy df0:main to ram: | copy df0:echo to ram: | !invalid option combination n & h | usage: closescreen file | can't find that screen! | error in number | time should be hh:mm | usage: loadscreen file | insufficient available memory! | n]nuno free mem | can't open port ! | can't open audio | invalid argument to echo | incorrect file name | can't open work file "%s" | invalid directive | more than one k directive | illegal k directive"parameters unsuitable for key "%s" | illegal keyword | illegal d item | keyword too long | invalid directive argument | keyword too long | destination is a directory | error while %sing | destination file "%s" removed | can't open %s for input - | " unable to create directory %s - | bad arguments | destination cannot be a pattern | cannot get workspace | destination must be a directory | output directory not found | out of workspace | nq!internal error: lock %x8 missing | %could not get information for "%s" - | echo "(c) 1987 by a.c.s. int./otd - digiproductions - charisma rec. ltd" | echo "pictures remark....." | echo "painted by obsidian the dark/layout by obsidian the dark" | copy df0:copy to ram: | copy df0:spread_it! to ram: | copy df0:main to ram: | copy df0:echo to ram: | could not examine disk | dir bad args | &unable to find current directory name | %s is a file not a directory | dir bad args

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