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Fractal Flight

HyperCube Engineering

Animation 1989

Demoanimation von Fractal Flight Landscape Generation and Animation software

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| echo "copying picture file to ram:" | echo "please wait...." | copy pic ram: | viewer ram:pic | pse motion files are then imported and the program will render a high | resolution version of the animation, this allows the greatest accuracy | for the camera and allow the user to preview the landscape. as an | alternative the program can generate an overhead view much like a contour | map, and the user can draw a flight path using the mouse. the program | will then use a 'cruise missile' type algorithm to follow the landscape at | a definable distance. using this method allows the user to | easily create an animation. hypercube engineering at (415)-373-9677... | space for instructions, esc to quit | n]nuwho is hypercube? we are a small company in livermore california that has | been working in the amiga community for the last three years, designing | hardware and software for various firms, and generally having a good time | with the greatest personal computer ever. we have designed several pieces | of hardware for the amiga including one of the top accelerator boards. we | are now working on sever | _(al new hardware/software projects including a | controller board and interface software for optical video worm recorders, | and an interface and software libraries to allow you to plug an ibm at | board into your amiga without a bridgeboard for high speed | 24 bitplane display. | also available from hypercube: | upgrade kits for hurricane h2000 and h2800 accelerator boards. | upgrade your 14 mhz h2000 68020 or 68030 board to 30 mhz and beyond! | upgrade your 28 mhz h2800 | 68030 board to asynchronous operation and | speeds from 30mhz on up! | all upgrades to hurricane boards include modifications to memory | boards if needed and full warranty. | hypercube engineering (415)-373-9677 | space for instructions, esc to quit | n]nu f1 = return to animation! | f2 = more information on fractal flight! | f3 = more information on hypercube | space = this screen ( help ) | use number keys at top of keyboard for speed control | use numeric keypad to control animation | first forward last | numeric keypad | fractal flight | copyright 1989 by hypercube engineering | no math library | n]nufractal flight demo, version 0.01, | by hypercube engineering | written by john hinkley and brick eksten | fractal flight is a landscape generation and animation software package by | hypercube engineering. the demo you see below was rendered in about 16 | hours on a hypercube 40 mhz 68030 accelerator. the landscape in this demo | is computer generated using fractal math and consists of approx. 750,000 | polygons. the animation is being displayed using a proprietary animation | display program, that will allow animations to b | qke displayed from most | amiga devices ( ram: , hard disks, floppy disks) at up to 60 fields per | space for instructions , esc to quit | fractal flight | n]numore about fractal flight | for this demo each frame started as a separate ham image at 320*200 pixel | resolution and was reduced in size to allow the demo to fit on one disk. | the full size demo is about 25 megabytes of data. | current versions of the software allow you to import usgs dem files | ( digital elevation maps ). this allows the software to accurately model | 'real world' landscapes. surface features can be easily modified so that | a landscape can be | imade as accurate or surreal as you like. each frame | is individual rendered and displayed using a high speed proprietary 3d | projection engine that is up to 8 times faster than the blitter. all | amiga resolutions are supported as well as 24 bitplane 640*400 resolution | for compatibility with frame buffer boards. motion files ( camera paths ) | can be created by hand using a high speed low resolution rendering mode | which allows you to fly through the landscape as it is being created. | n]nuunable to open animation file: %s | %bad arguments for if - must | #if only valid within command files | endif missing | endif missing | endif missing | else must be in a comma | missing endif | bad arguments for skip | skip must be in a command file | label "%s" not found by skip | %s already exists | can't create directory %s | viewer ram:pic | ask "view demo again?[y/n]" | echo "please remove disk and reset machine" | echo "please wait...." | viewer ram:pic | no name specified | invalid device name %s | run out of store | %s not assigned | becho "fractal flight | copyright by hypercube engineering 1989" | echo "fractal flight | demo version 2.1 " | if not exists ram:t | makedir ram:t | ask "view the demo from ram ?( requires 1 meg of ram ) [y/n]" | echo "copying picture file to ram:" | echo "fractal flight | copyright by hypercube engineering 1989" | echo "please wait...." | copy pic ram: | viewer ram:pic | ask "view the dem | echo "please remove disk and reset machine" | endcli >nil: | fractal flight | copyright hypercube engineering 1989 | fractal flight animations may be viewed from any seekable amiga device, | meaning floppy disks, ram:, hard disks, vd0:, etc. for best performance | when running from a floppy use the addbuffers command to increase performance | for best performance, run fractal flights from ram: | all the statements in this text are in reference to the state of the software | at the time the demo was created. | ask "view demo again?[y/n]" | echo "please remove disk and reset machine" | echo "please wait...." | endcli >nil: | other program | save landscape | other program | read landscape | n]nuerror opening pic file | error creating landscape file | error creating landcolor file | error creating landshade file | all upgrades include full warranty. | works with ronin r&d or imtronics | call for new product info! | hypercube engineering | is a 3d landscape simulator | capable of accurately modeling | real world landscapes. | upgrades to version 2.0 include: | read / write fractal terrain models. | load / save images in various formats. | load / save usgs dem / dma files. | new landscape features,rivers,haze etc. | 17z} floating point (68030/68020)- | terrain editor. | support for frame buffers. | import landscapes from other programs. | for information on vista | upcoming products call (415)-373-9677 | vista v1.0 is not public domain! | by john hinkley and brick eksten | us stages of the programs develpment, and are here for your viewing | pleasure, use your favorite picture viewer to see the images i.e. | send 3$ ( postage and media cost ) to: | hypercube engineering | fractal flight | or call (415)-373-9677 | this demo is not public domain...!!! it has been distributed to a few | people who are allowed to show it as often as they like and to whom they | like with the following | we other program | we are read landscape | we are other program | we are save landscape | n]nu hypercube engineering | also available from hypercube: | upgrades for hurricane h2000 | accelerator boards. upgrade your | new improvements... | flight paths are now generated by drawing the path ( using the mouse ) | over the view generated by the contour map generator. this makes flight | paths very easy and very fast to build. this reduces the time needed | to create a flight path by an incredible amount! | all flight path information is saved as a text file to allow easy editing | ( if you are so inclined ), or easy processing by external programs. | a smoothing algorithm has been added to the existing " | 0cruise missle" | algorithm in the flight path generating software, the new alogorithms | automatically add bank and pitch information to the flight path to create | more realistic flight dynamics. | phong shading has been added! this will allow more realistic placement of | the sun and more realistic shadowing, as well as smoother contour | speed has been improved! rendering times have been reduced from 20 minutes | to 5.4 minutes per frame for 24 bitplane 640*400 images! t | keyword too long | invalid directive argument | keyword too long | reflect rendering on a 40 mhz 68030. ( like the commercial says "actual | results may very "). | ******* latest update 11-29-89 ***** speed has been improved again! | images that had taken 5.4 minutes now take 3.2 minutes! | some routines have been changed to floating point math from integer math | to reduce the number of "anomolies" induced by integer math errors. | digital elevation map reading has been improved. current maps include all | of yosemite, and mt. st. helens ( b | efore and after ). more maps will be | added as the us geological service makes them available. | copies of this demo disk and future demos are available through hypercube. | send 3$ ( postage and media cost ) to: | hypercube engineering | fractal flight | or call (415)-373-9677 | this demo is not public domain...!!! it has been distributed to a few | people who are allowed to show it as often as they like and to whom they | like with the following | this program will never be available at any store belonging to or | having any affiliation with creative computers ( lawndale, ca. ) | this demo may never be shown at any store belonging to or | having any affiliation with creative computers ( lawndale, ca).enough said. | to view a demo from cli type 1> viewer [anim_file_name] | for this disk the anim_file is called "pic" | all images on this disk with the suffix of .pic are iff pictures taken from | invalid directive | more than one k directive | illegal k directive"parameters unsuitable for key "%s" | illegal keyword | illegal d item | " unable to create directory %s - | bad arguments | destination cannot be a pattern | cannot get workspace | destination must be a directory | output directory not found | invalid char '%c' in number | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | out of workspace | nq!internal error: lock %x8 missing | %could not get information for "%s" - | could not examine disk | destination is a directory | error while %sing | destination file "%s" removed | can't open %s for input - | incorrect file name | can't open work file "%s" | bad arguments | drive %s not found | )warning: insufficient memory for buffers | invalid char '%c' in number | invalid argument to echo | bad argument

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