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Baygon (TIP)

Melon Dezign

Demo 1995

UAEInfo: AGA, Kick3.1, 2MB Chip, 2MB Fast, 68020+FPU, NO Chipset options, CPU Speed: Fastest possible, maintaining chipset speed
2ter Platz Somewhere In Holland 95

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| out of memory! | error_pf in datatypes! | error_pf in ilbm structure | error_pf in anim structure | you need the aga chipset to run this demo, sorry. | error_pf in iff structure | error_pf in bitmaps | error_pf! event not terminated | fatal memory error_pf!!! demo terminated. | unable to allocate a cia timer_pf! | internal error_pf! | too high event number!!! | dnu by now, let baygon be bygone you've just spent a moment in the melon universe... all our work on this track-disk was inspired by huge amounts of alcohol and cannabis baygon was progammed by bannasoft with design and graphics by walt the baygon track is called -back to school-, performed by * tongue twista * contact us? branche christophe (walt) 134, rue s. allende 92000 nanterre, france bannasoft ny munkegade 68, 1. tv 8000 aarhus c, denmark there can't be only one! melon dezign is restricted to: .joachim .alex .paleface .nam .performer .jason .mack .heatseeker .hof .walt .bannasoft .seen we made 'it' thinking about you: gargoyle,vention,cougar,8,gengisfacet,reflex,skynet,toastmaster,astro,macno,parsec,suny,supernaohydra,interface,reward,jugi,ralfoisten eide,tmb,duck,open eyes, we made 'it' thinking about you: lonestarr,moby,ra,tonton antoineslayer,slim,dweezil,jawbreacker,diezel,blaizer,strob0,jack,alta,ibm,glenn no spend,ngc,eclipse, spaceman,clary,tsunami,funcom. special thanks to: tim robotnik performer ivar without you, baygon would have been "be gone" seen and his a1200 are lost in trenchtown... reward $$$ for the a1200. find the rasta within! henrik lund mikkelsen (seen) c/o glenn euson brouwers road z/n cul de sac philipsburg, st. maarten n.a. here i am, as fast as i can nobody runs from the akselman some get a lot n' some get none you better smoke your pot before i shoot my gun if you hear a blow you better know cj axl yo!! he runs his own show if you've half a mind, stop this: war,aids,dance music,raw.

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