Screenshot Amiga Demo: Kefrens | D.A.N.E.

D.A.N.E. (TIP)


Demo 1993

Code: Vention
Grafik: R.W.O
Sound: Maestro & Laxity

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| - laid and flushed b | numma hammel!!! sad to say, but you | have just reached the end of another | kefrens production. | was released at the computer crossroads | party in sweden, held by tsl and pha | vention and r.w.o send some | c.h.a.r.d - factor 5 - lone starr | og resten af balance | and all the guys at the party. | the demo is produced during 2 weeks, | basicly based on quality | - not quantity! | now go find the kings cave. | by the coast was don

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