Screenshot Amiga Demo: Anarchy | Stolen Data #7

Stolen Data #7


Diskmag 1991

Code: Dan & Kris
Grafik: Igor, Dan, Mystik & Zoom
Sound: Nuke

The Art Gallery
Magazine: The Eds Bit * News and Info * Comuter Criminals * Bad Exam Results * Interesting Facts * Product News * About 1Meg Chipmem * Woulnt it be funny if ... * Interview with J.O.E * Interview with Bustman * Interview with Cytax * Interview with Coma * Norway Scene Report * French Scene Report * How to compose Music * Crb Party Report * Flash Production * Jokes * Bodybuilding * Figi Paint III Review * The Eurocharts ClipArt Competition * The Art Gallery Reviews * The Demo Revies * Acme Slideshow review * Amiga Killer * Readers Lertters * Anthrax * Sports in Germany * Fuck that Virus * Charlies Bad Day * Quartex-Silents-Anarchy Party * No More Norway * Flashback * How to deal with lamers * A Real Fairy Story * The Simpsons * Lame Letter of the Issue * Roby Crusoe Cont... * A Fistful of Disks Mags * Dear Mr Drokk * Advertisements * Win some Disks * Movie News

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| loader by carnivore | symbiosis france - luxor and salora - levi`s jeans, usa | datel electronics - gilette sensor usa - telefunken germany | coca cola inc. usa - vibrillion / energy - yamaha systems japan | systembolaget sweden - cyber pirate / cytax - mike / shining sweden | arrow / eagles sweden - jaffa / heaven norway - supra corporation usa | rayban sunglasses usa - integral computers usa - inca systems hong kong | patriot / agile france - korg syntesizers japan - certina ds sw | nt. they're about to release a new demo! and they | continue to make good cracks. | a really famous group in france because of their nice parties in northern | france every year!but no demo from them since a long time except some | another quality group(remember the demo called overdose!) but | unproductive in the last months. last minute:delight is dead.some | members joined rebels | one of the biggest group in france if y | qerou see their memberlist!!they were | really productives but they have just understood that quality is better | than quantity!!many guys were kicked out lately and some left it. the | quality of their products are better and better. | it was built up after paradox death by the guys who didn't get into | quartex and by other ones from angels which has died at the same | time.corsair and his brother mr video joined them when they left their | new group spri | foster's beer australia - pepsodent + wash and go | majic 12 sweden + denmark - maxell and sony inc. japan | zendo / equinox switzerland - metalic / fosgate australia | mr.mad / black robes finland - grendel / byterapers finland | crusaders productions norway - fib aktuellt magazine sweden | mcdonalds inc usa and sweden - commodore sweden, usa and germany | tip and azatoth of phenomena sweden - jpn / vertical developments germany | botham had a miscarriage during a match and alan lamb caught it. | fat people were sexy. | johnny morris got caught fucking a sheep. | dinosaurs were found living in wigan. | a bomb blew off cilla blacks legs, and the ira phoned her up to say | 5ciga drive. taking the neo geo as a comparison you can easily recognise | the power of the new system. the new system will run at 16mhz with an | 8bit sound cpu running at 8mhz. lookin | smaller in size but you can save up to 1.200 megabyte on it??? a new | technique! ehe...then a smart guy on ibm copy the hard-disk and sells it | to commodore and atari and then gets around 3million dollars from each | company. well, you dont think it is | rcyaxcck next year?(soft lamers way out!!!) do you kill | yourself?(no!that was the point | :yaxcyae end of november with a sound by | mad freak/brs | - the pride / flash prod. joined brainstorm after he stopped releasing | gya point. the german division of flash have not been | very active these days. i must say that it has been a long time since i | have seen anything from them. if any of the german division members | reads this please call or write to me. the only positive thing i acn | mension that has happened to flash right now must be taht they have got a | g]axry at all.. | many demos does not work with 1 megabyte chip, or they need fast-mem. | this could be fixed by the coder who codes the demo. but many of them | 3cy and will | probably overtake soccer. if you are a spectator you fell the good | atmosphere in the stadium. there are no hooligans, no fights by so | called "fans" or something like that. here in germany the general | newspapers don`t write muc | ?s`yf_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_dxf_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^fxf brainstorm can't ski... | | some guys of quartex founded scoopex france. | | alcatraz will soon release a new game!? | | /\g]e_d^flectra, some members of profile, morph and neucromancer of | crystal demovision and some members of loctite joined dual crew. | -js of dual crew joined byterapers. | -myfo, dawn and lando joined silents. | -recline has grown fast. from mega-lamers to elite... (???) | -optima of jetset joined spreadpoint! | -traxx and beatmaster left ryhme | ,]e\gzax - 1,36 kilo in 1 minute and 22 seconds | dexter of anarchy - 0,5 for dinner... (my mother forced me...) | .sc he had leapt | only moments earlier, circling cruely abovee him. the cargo bay door was | open and he could see the shape of a man inside, it was frankie, roby's | dexter of anarchy - 1,00 kilo in 2,23 minutes. | teeze of anarchy - 1,00 kilo in 2,56 minutes. | peter dowdeswell - 1,14 litre in 3.2 seconds. | teeze of ana | 'szkpbe\g - untold man- | hours by a team of 50 los angeles artists creating 2000 individual | drawings, which are first sent to groening, brooks and simon for in- | spection, and then on to south korea where an assembly line of some 150 | new animators produces some 14000 additional images too far | y always cool. and always release quality stuff. | another group th | .\g]l.brooks, plus ace sitcom scribe sam simon (taxi, cheers). | brooks initially persuaded groening to join the trace ullman show, and | now shares executive producer duties on the simpsons with groening and | simon. the voices are provided by actors dan castanella (homer), julie | kavner (marge), nancy cartwright (bart), yeardley smith (lisa), and | comedian harry shearer (everyone else). | inevitably, the most cited measure of the simpsons' success has been | yaxcy such people and still have their addresses lying | axanother delay. this time we can't blame laziness, but saddam, thanks | must go to shagratt of lsd for his nuke saddam virus killer, cos without | the help of this cool utility, you would not be reading this now. all my | article disks managed to get themselves infected, and so i lost a lot of | the articles, and so a lot of time went into collecting more pages for | you to read. | in this issu | ity of english groups but just how low people can go to get a | vote. the chart was originaly set up as a "unity" chart, (unity being | the now defunct uk friendship movement) and the entire chart was covered | with unity (when the chart was released ..ex unity) m | byxe\gyaxc much to my | disappointment the competition was cancelled due to not enough | entries...hhhhmmm,are you telling me that the crusaders got less than 3 | pictures? (including mine?!) | believe me,i'm not the arrogant type,and i'm not suggesting that i should | have won something! but,can you see that two free adverts in the | eurocharts are enough? what the hell ca | the sample isn't sounding!! hmm... the sample isn't visible in the | sample editor either.... strange.... | i turned off the computer for a while, checked this disk to, but i found | i loaded diskmaster and looked at the files and: | at all disks with "read/write error" and all disks i had checked there | was a "libs" directory i hadn't placed there, so the virus must be some | sort of link virus - an | cyahis really pisses me off. so to all norwegian | film freaks. write to me and say you agree. | %xcypumping about every day. you must use heavy weights | and you will only have to repeat the exercises a few times. then after a | half to one and a half year (depends from person to person) you will be | *af of you agree with my opinion. if | i've managed that, then i havent gone too far wrong! try to remember | that this is is "reader-support" feature and i need magazine publishers | help to make this column. so dont hesitate to send your magazine for | review in the next issue. i also want to know if you'd like me to | improve or alter the format of these reviews in | xcya well, believe it or not, you | can be saved. firstly you dont want or need an abortion, that would | prove more dangerous to yourself than for the being growing inside you. | what you need to do is seek an "exorcist". performing a exorsism over | your body is the only way to ensure that the evil that grows inside you | will be banished both physicaly and mentally, in fact, after this | exorsism he'll probably just pass harmlesly | eriky]xc{xcyaxc controlled by the | mouse via the icon selection panel. the icons themselves are very easy | to use, mainly because the | best coder in the amig | 58- a fistfull of disk mags 7 judge drokk/anarchy | 59- dear mr drokk judge drokk/anarchy | :]krzkdcycaxcyitself wasn't much | better, it seem | k_d^f_d^f_wyaust type the value at the fifth | column instead... this command can also be used to achieve a "spacy" | sound, the prodecure is a bit more complicated, but i'll try to explain | it with a picture... (for this, use a long or looped sample)(explained | ,]axcyaurst of recognition. this | one in particular has no sense of feeling or responsablity for the | reader, its only aim is to make it into some diskmag chart. a magazine | should be designed to be interesting to its readership, and give them | what they want, the kind of people that might want to read this untidy | drivel are obvoiusly a bit sad. 37/100 | issue featured - 01 | this is not a review of am-fm, just a sma | why? when coming to demos, they are the perfect team. this is also | why they are my favourite group. | m : please list your favourite coders and musicians.... | b : hmm, coders, no... i do not know shit about coding. musician should | like most musicians around, actually. | erik{]xc{xd to scroll in either direction (or crsr's). | an array of different fonts and text colours are used some of which are | realy hard on the eyes but generaly the're ok. the there are sufficiant | icons to control all aspects of the magazine and all are easily | one of the strong points of this magazine is the huge amount of content. | theres bound to be something in here for even the mo | 8\cyanyone you hate in the scene, be he/she(?) an artist, or | ,r~edcycao date. the art gallery though | seemed to be full of lamers, dont you get photographs of famous guys | the whole thing is made in its usual mouse controlled enviroment, with | the added use of cursors etc during the euronews section. the ever | popular "gallery" (of lamers?) is also present. | i dont know e | quality) why do you admire them in particular? what is that they | have done to impress you? list your top 'faves'.... | b : i only admire two guys, one of them being uno/scoopex and the other | one slash/flash production. they have excellent quality and i have | nothing against their quantity either. they are simply | gskxy neat font? | content - well is it a big one? and not only that, is the actual | content matter any good? is it worth reading or is it | just a pile of pulp? this catagory | xcyad in the action-comedy cop | bruce willis is to play a western legend buffalo bill cody opposite | harrison ford's wild bill hickok in the epic adventures of hickok and | arnold schwarzenegger is soon to star in jung and freud which is about | feuding psychiatrists. | john goodman next stars in gone fishing, a comic buddies-on-their- | ,se\gfloodland i+ii were the best | demos from coma yet. | q: whats your opinion about wars between crews? | a: i do not like wars, coz they destroy the scene. but i think | here are some lamers around who like wars. | q: have you ever been, or are at war with someone? | a: yes, we were in war with adept (a-depp), coz they told bullshit | about us. they told everybody that we ripp sources and so on, but | now adept is dead. | ********************************** mud of majic 12 | * --* hypnosis *-- * is searching for new contacts. | * wanna swap 0-2 days old amiga * if you are interested write: | * stuff ?? also 4 c-64+pc stuff, * mud of majic 12 | * originals and the latest * violvej 37 | get a piece of drainpipe and feed a length of fuse through it into the | explosives. set the pipe upright and fill the res | wbf_dxas an ascii | | | file on it. | | | format: any format within a width of 80 characters (if the height is | | | too much for one page, we will split the advert in 2 pages) accepted, | | | but please try to keep it small. | | | diskback-service: if you send us two disks with your advert on one of | | | them (and maybe some hot stuff on the other??!) we will send you one | | | disk back when the next | j only elite !! * ! 14200 turenki 14200 turenki f | wanna swap with e ? | majic 12 e ( of course ) ! | qriskriskriskriskriskriyk iskriskrisk5 | | only legal! sf-653 00 vaasa +-----------------------------------+ | | for trading shit hot stuff | contact me for some | | | dartman/crack uk | megaxil of paramount | | | 32 south milto | cracks in the swiss group (alcatraz, zenith, avenger and scorpio of | course!) but its not the finish i have a lot of big contacts in all the | axiskriskriskrisf_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_cy decent letter and can spell | `wares' properly then write to this address for contacting | j : i don`t have a favourite coder. but my musician-charts look like this | 1. knecht romeo/trsi | 3. uncle tomas/scx | +cykriskriskriskriskrisk_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_cya ronny einarsen | greets to:silents,rebels,acme | hyaack robes, | 7e\g]ex and all animated objects. that were the latest gfx. i also | made sum unreleased gfx for demonware.or the titlepic for sidmon v2.0 | but silence is golden ...! | m : please could you tell us how long it took you to do the whole of | your second slideshow, and why did you decide to do a slideshow? | were you happy with the finis | 8\cyax`t. and then he remebered why. some time ago,either last night or | the night before he`d been down at his local public house or was it the | one in milton keynes. charlie staggered to his feet and promptly fell | cykriskriskriskriskrisf_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_d^f_dyariskriskriskriskriskxcy the house of acidparadize | ( only music freaks ) | 6g]e\g]arsi-austria. really nice people. | (erm,is that all?! - m | -yaxc adec / trsi | 174 highbury road | wanted hot fast contacts for | friendship and swapping | ru^arisfrdsfrdsfrdsfrdsfrdsfrdsfrdyaooking for a good contact | and friend, then write to | for the latest wares | /shrjxcyarough the holes in the wood. he comes back into the shop ten | minutes later. "so, what size do you want then?", asks the assistant. | !gyymbiosis.they will release cracks,trainers and some demos. | it comes from the melting of defeat and synergy... the quality of their | products are average but they have a good spreadin | gy at the moment.the | members are coming from agile and analog. | it was built up after paradox death by the guys who didn't get into | quartex and by other ones from angels which has died at the same | time.corsair and his brother mr video joined them when they left their | new group spri | signed by: laura longfellow - newtek inc. usa. | hey laura and all readers!! this is teeze writing. just a few quick | lines from me before the page is filled... | 1. ok! send 3 new, fine, grafitti-free disks along with your address | and you will get next issue of stolen data delivered right to your | front door! | 2. send en gummi-boll, 2 stekta egg and 20 dollars and i will send | 3. send 3 new, fine, grafitti-free disks along with your address and | dexter will send | ycoz i`m a big fan of | dr.awsome!). well, not a lot to say really, only 5 vector objects (the | coder reckons he ran out of time - and i don`t mean raster time!). so, | once all the objects have been viewed and tune as been heard, you`ll just | reset and through the disk back in your collection. yet again, the only | thing i liked about this demo was the music and the nice logo in part 2. | demo 3: `digital innovation` by `anarchy`..... | g]excso far in their life.... | imagirl took the leading and | birth. ahh said the man, you go back in there and try and shove the | little fuckers back up and see if she screams. | q: why do babies have soft spots on thier heads. | a: so nurses can pick them up five at a time. | q: why cant a girl count up to 70 | a: because 69 is such a mouthfull. | q: how did cinderella die. | a: her tampon turned into a pumpkin. | when the russian delegate was in africa on united nations business he | *norwegians simply just take the ferry from oslo, larvik or | kr. sand to frederikshavn or hirtshals. | - swedes and fins can ofcourse just take the ferry from goteborg | to frederikshavn, from varberg to g | xcinclude this one because | ,]aawat left next and joined rebels. | labyrinth joined rebels (he came from the specials/quartex). | - mack/scoopex (ex alliance design) is working on a slide-show | - corsair/the company is working on a new demo with performer/silents | - the anti corsair+mr video demo was made by chuck and mack/scx | ya boris,and has been changed quite well...from a champagne bottle to a | of course,there are other pictures by other artists of acme,but they are | quite honestly a minority compared to mithrandir's... so i think it | would be unfair to comment. | axce in this issue, purhaps later in this | and last, but not least.... don't f | >>>nuke of anarchy<<<

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