Screenshot Amiga Demo: Anarchy | Stolen Data #10

Stolen Data #10


Diskmag 1992

Code: Kreator
Grafik: Facet, Mystik & Kreator
Sound: 4-Mat, Nuke, NHP & BKH

Magazine: Scene News from TRIX * 1992, Anarchys year * A report on the AMI EXPO * Elite, friendship or business * Eastern Europe, whats up * when will i be famous * FAST are at it again * Spreadpoint call for junior staff * no leader * the stats of the scene * the scene, why * cracking scene games * bob says sorry * disk stealing .. once again * clever investment * the death of the a500 design time and effort * lamers ..get lost * pd libraries * protecting packs II * no more solo programmers * pack rippers * swappers-idealistic ideas * the key to success * scene oscars, yes or no? * the ultimate group * castle conference report * Digital symposium report * public voting at parties * Darkness & 5th generation party report by quest, warlord * Worlds biggest sounddisk review * Gallery reviews by FACET * Pack reviews * Sticker reviews * ICronites demo reviews * Raistlins book reviews * Eurocharts vs. Equinox top 20 * Aspects of the Scene-Intro * The Fox of Damage UK * Dave Cassidy of Cynostic PD * Digital Music formats * at the Moviews * Uh Oh - David Byrne * Automatic for the people - REM * US - Peter Gabriel * A new Rap column * Book reviews by bob/SD team * CD reviews * Computer book reviews * Confedaray of Dunces * Horror Moments * Horror Time * Metal CD reviews * Coders: Circles and Ellipses * Alternative News * If you live in the USA * Letter from a Lamer * Ten things car dealers say * Xenophobia in Germany * Life on Earth * Salman Rushdie * Your key to toronto * Stop the pedestrian * Another chance * jesus, he knows me * The perfect son in law * vigos tips for the skater * a dream stroy * some famous women * in metusalem * Lotus III reviews * M16: Armalites plastic killer * the diary of a misjudged peot * the pardon * phansama part III * sea of tomorrow * sea of tomorrow * swindle your way through life * the end of the world * the philatelist
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| welcome to stolen data issue #10 | left mouse button on reset skips the menu, esc returns to the menu | cynostic pd have the exclusive uk rights to sell stolen data | no other pd company is permitted to sell this magazine | the excellent loading picture was drawn by mystik of anarchy | merry christmas and a happy new year from all the stolen data staff!!!

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