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Brunos Music Box #3


Musicdisk 1991

Doctor Snuggles Loader Animation
Disk 1/2

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| in colour | at last it is here | anarchy can present to you | coded by wraith | musics by bruno graphics by bruno | this is the last | product from wraith | i will quit the | scene after this | psycho also quit | the scene bcoz he is | going to usa for a year | that animation was | packed with muhmu it is psychos and | mine new gfxpacker | new gfxpacker | that animation was | packed with muhmu it is psychos and | mine new gfxpacker | hhh here are messus and gretzus...* | hhh this is the main scroller...* | hhh uralvolga : a true story of finnish i tundra i orchestra. told by a sick mind.* hhh bst : an introduction to the world of organs and brass sections:my second love.* hhh oppenheimer : a bad trip inside minimoog. the inspiration came in a way from chevy chase.* hhh moderato.probably : tune filled with emotion. this piece is made for real life. which means:i like eric satie. flute is not so strange to me fortunately. as you know robert.* hhh sol : imagine yourself on an island. probably no one has been there before. then you suddenly hear some high sounds. they mysteriously takes your brains with them. this is:doctor x. no one else. jjjjjj* hhh emotional disturbation : k k k a typical finnish macho music. with two macho men singing. guess who they are. inspired by:jarno jarno machojarno love boat frederick armi und danny. this is the only serious tune we have made in our lifes. choir:funk boys.* hhh on the road : a very old tune. in fact older than mbox two !!! made by watchman of complex maniac plus me. long live helkama.* hhh jarno is called : probably the most usual type of call ment for stranger. i would not be this perverted would i? i i think strangie has been too long without any jokes by me so heres a one. at least one good reason to spread this box. f a* | hhh here are messus and gretzus... first messages from abrunoa ... ccc jarno tykkaa torsosta. fggfb ccc robert of maniacs of noise : hey ho! it took quite a while to read your letter. it is nice that we are now in the same team! but beware:i will be back from england. we must meet someday! ccc wraith : thanx for coding this. hope you did not loose your temper! jaa a en tia sanoo. iii ccc mnc : possumunkkis rules. ccc dan : do not underestimate the cheesecake. i agree:too much italians here. but we are also tourists so... ccc stavi : megacool to make music for your game. it should be succesful!!! ccc heatbeat : casios rule. keksimme juuri uuden leikin. sen nimi on lammasleikki. tule sinakin! liity remmiin. ccc sulky fella : act iii saves the day still! ccc cobburn of analog : i would l.o.v.e. to come in france. send your opinion about this. good luck with...burp...you know... ccc pinhead und bomber : surprise: ich kann deutsche sprechen. ich heisse jussi. ich habe ein schwantz. amazing! now:tell that on finnish! i hope you have use for my shitty introtunes. the tea was great! but:send me instant coffee next time! he he. ccc nuke : i will probably see you in a couple of days. good luck with your game musics! ccc mosh : beware the people of the lie! ccc all other danarchyd members i have seen : make your day easier to live:meet my friend jack daniels! turtle : no multitimbral no pleasure. so what? hammond orgels are better anyway. you hate music that is played by human beings? you hurt my feelings! ccc ok. sorry for those who i forgot. but after all i am asshole anyway. one and last message to all so called fscenef guys who spend their days between the phone and the monitor : gggggggggggggggggggg now messages from awraitha ... ccc sulky fellow : how is going with your game? it was a nice scroller i told you... or what!!! somebody quessed something about multiplexed sprites... i hope this is a business secret... thus the scroller is finally rather lame. if i send you graphics made by golem. i hope you send me the preview of your game !!! kiristan sua vaipalla! ccc fraction of complex : thanx for the noisepacker! i am waiting for your demo! it will be a great success! ccc stavros : eh! nice box or what! i hope we will meet again. i heard from bruno that you had a long and fun night with those sound effects... burp! bang! ccc der hm of complex : so. you realized the quality of image... thanx for all the demoes you had sent me!!! is this box dsickd enough???? ccc boris jeltsin : nice job in soviet union !!! no more messus here .a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.* | hhh this is the main scroller f f hey! press fi for this text. fii for messages. fiii for text about music currently been playing. use y.o.u.r. gstickg to move the clock. press fire to load music. ok! bruno takes ballb responsibility of these tunes. no techno ahip hopa this time! but good porno and country songs available! i think this is the best box i have ever made!? and last too...as i mentioned before. wraith quit the scene just now !!! i could not stand those i scene i guys who always tell how good they are! i think whole scene should be like a friendship. but always there are those gmegag guys who are so proud of their million baud bbs or their mega swapper which have over fivehundred contacts! if you have nothing else in your life than computer and that you must be the best around.... eat this i i i i i i i and he was erkki huidanlahti !!! he will be the next president of finland ! ok! enough moral support.a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.*

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