Screenshot Amiga Demo: Kefrens | Multimegamix III

Multimegamix III (HOT)


Musicdisk 1992

Code: Vention
Grafik: R.W.O
Sound: S.L.L

UAEInfo:Floppy 100%
Trackloaded Musicmix

Hab ich damals rauf und runter geh?rt :)

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| don't install. this is a kefrens boot.. vention 1992.. | 2% choose a scroll: %@ ......r.w.o..... $% .....mellica.... %$ .....vention.... @% ......zeus...... %@ ......raxor..... $% .....hawkeye.... %$ ....greetings... @% .....joining.... %@ ....addresses... $% ....pd-notice... %a | 2 numma hammel!!!! welcome to the third part of the glory trilogy from kefrens: @@@ multimegamix iii @@@ ..again some quick instructions: when the titlepic is on screen, press rightmouse for scroll selector enjoy diz!!!! | if you want to contact someone in kefrens, then here are some addresses.... : r.w.o and s.l.l: * rene w. olsen * laerkeh0jen 3 * 4690 haslev * denmark ..... laxity: * anders hansen * hasselvej 11 * 4690 haslev * denmark ..... mellica: * kim byrresen * tofteagervej 8 * 4690 haslev * denmark ..... hawkeye: * jacob blichfeldt * langelandsvej 1a * 7400 herning * denmark ..... or call our board of supreme at: the pyramid inn at: @45 53760286 | kefrens is at the moment looking for a good and active coder to join the forces!! if you live in denmark, and you think you might be good enough, then do not hesitate dropping us a line along with a disk with some of your work for judgment! you will then hear from us..... | mega gee!!!!! flutz paa flatzen fellows.... yep, you are right!! it is r.w.o irritating you with a new and exciting flommyscroller. todays special quest is the multitalented grocer of all gardens: ** kjeld the flutza ** later on i will get the honor to interview the worldfamous grocer, and maybe taste his flommy banananas!! numma!!! ok, i think i will start this glory scroller with something else than usual, namely the personal golden handshakes: groo & rufferto of delicious designs: how is life in germany.. write soon..... @ anvil of black monks: hey dude!! nice meeting you at ventions place. @ napoleon of badcat: the idea was not to earn money, but prevent other people making money from our hard work. friendship rulez, indeed!!!! @ sator of spaceballs: got the letter... @ peace of brainstorm: yo stefan! thanx for your letter. i will write soon, i hope!. @ fx productions of south africa: sorry, but you can not join us. say hello to the camels from us!! @ leo ofex atomic: sorry dude, but as a matter a fact we only need a coder! @ zok of zenith: nope, we are not interested in a sf division of kefrens. contact our swappers for swapping! @ ideal of rebels: this sounds a bit stupid, but i have lost your address. sorry, please write. @ razta of orient: hey lasse!! look, there is a threeheaded monkey behind you!!!! @ bruce willis: ups!!! @ king kefren: wow, the cairo earthquake was really rough. good the pyramids did not got damaged!! @ hawkeye of kefrens: so, you earn money too!!! great!! @ raxor of kefrens: i do not have to go to school anymore, but with all your spelling errors, you certainly do!!! i am too clever, ya know!!! ehh.. right @ mellica of kefrens: gunja yourself!!! faar du spist noget milka for tiden... der er foresten simmen paa kanten af hjulet, remember... @ zeus of kefrens: hva saa. har du faaet t0rret op efter.... hahahahahaha!!!!! @ blizzart of kefrens: your latest logos were really... huh.. megagreat!!!! @ laxity of kefrens: it seems like our next trackmo will be great too!!! @ sonet of vixen: numsefeber er ingen hindring!!! @ gore: hamma mammut!!! hvordan gaar det. ses!!! @ supplex swe: sorry, but i have no time! @ lobo of complex: same to you... @ archibald of absolute: thanx for ya letter. hope you like this production!!!!! ### ...and ofcoz greetings to all the guys i have forgotten.... ok, then it is about time, where we shall say hallo to our special quest grocerkjeld.... goodday kjeld, how are you... kjeld: 0hhh... hva for noe.... thank you very much kjeld.... mundlort!! well, now lets sing a song, special dedicated to zeus: ** kom, du store pruhest, lad mig klappe dig! nu skal du i marken ud med far og mig, la la. hyp, hyp, hyp og hop , fremad i galop!!!! ** he he, hej dennis ,traek i halen, saa kommer.... well, nothing more to write really!! now it is time to choose another crazy scroller, so just press your rightmouse button and...... wooouuuuww!!! anyway, see ya all in another cool kefrens production very soon..... farvel..... to the organizers behind the *famous names* slideshow: i, r.w.o, am terrible sorry, that i can not get my picture finished before your deadline! i am quite busy these days. my imployment requires most of the 24hrs a day, in the months around xmas. anyway, i am quite sure it will be cool even without my distribution, really!!, and i am looking forward to see the final version, even that i never saw the preview!!! | okay, you decided to read mellicas scroller... first of all this is a great multimegamix iii, anyway a lot of people are beginning to be interesting in old kefrens history and stuff, so if you are too, then write to me ,mellica, for these information or any other questions you have about kefrens, you will have to write to @ mellica of kefrens @ kim byrresen @ tofteagervej 8 @ 4690 haslev @ denmark @ ,if you want some old kefrens stuff then remember to include two disks extra for stamps,. if you want to join kefrens then write to the same address, but remember only danes can join us. ### long time ago there was a powerful king named king kefren, his people trusted him no matter what!!!! when he died, people became confused and sad, but before he died he told his people that the power of the ankh would live forever!!!!! they trusted and believed him..... many years came and went, and people almost forgot the old king. then a magical lightning stroke and the old king came to life again. he knew that he had to make the force strong, so he thought about it many weeks in his pyramid when he suddenly got it!!!! he decided to choose some people, to start the ankh force. it happened in 1987, when razmo, metallion and mellica got the power of the ankh. he told us to find more people to join us, so we did!!! that was a big mistake, some people was greedy and wanted the ankh for themselves. they decided to kill kefrens but they where wrong!!!!! king kefren got angry and managed to protect some of the real kefrens members. the battle in 1990 began and kefrens seemed to be dead!!!!!! but the king had another plan to rebuild kefrens and this time much, much stronger then ever before. razmo, mellica got in touch with r.w.o and the king kefren told us that he had chosen two more members!!! that was laxity and s.l.l... the king gave us new power and this time much stronger than before. when kefrens came to life again, people got very excited, it could not be real.... the king told us that this time it would not fail, because of his new and powerful test. he also told us to find some other members, so we did.... after all kefrens will live forever. ### i ,mellica, would like to greet some friends * raxor ,hadijatsa brian the motor dude, thanx for the hdtools, i hope to see ya soon razorback, * r.w.o ,you son of a gunja, well always nice talking to ya, hope ya gonna have a nice time in naestved, * laxity ,laxsinus hope ya gonna finish this muzak buggy box till i am back, anyway have you looked at terminator i and ii !!!!, * hawkeye ,hoookey nice talking to ya in the freezing phone box, * vention ,jotza batza vectorventigoxi, i have your new intro with the matchpin logo he he. keep up the good work, * metallion ,well ya lazy dude!!!!, * taf ,are you dead again!!! i never saw that disk you promised!!!, * twk ,long time no see!!!!, and hadijatza to all i forgot and to the rest of kefrens. well i think it is time to say goodbye..... bye bye.... bye bye hey kim stop det crap..... okey doky .... choose a new scroll text....... ..... ..... hey why are you still here didnt you read me!!!! the scroll text is finished you gabalubs. anyway, here are the complete kefrens memberlist: vention # maestro # raxor # airwalk # razmo # dice # mellica # zeus # s.l.l # blizzart # laxity # hawkeye # r.w.o ..... anyone else who claims to be a member of kefrens, is rather misinformed or just plain stupid..... ... .. . . . . | this time we send our golden handshakes to the following: 2000 a.d. # absolute # adept # addonic # agnostic front # alcatraz # anarchy # andromeda # anthrox # arise # aurora # balance # bastards # bytebuster # capital # complex # curacy # deadline # delicious designs # desire # digital # dual crew # eon # equinox # fraxion # genocide # gothic # italian bad boys # majic 12 # mystix # legend # offence # orient # ozone # palace # parallax # parasite # phenomena # pure metal coders # quartz # rebels # reflect # sanity # sequence # shining # silents # skid row # slipstream # solution # sonic # spaceballs # static bytes # stellar # supplex # symbiosis # tech # the special brothers # triangle 3532 # tristar and red sector # vanish # vixen # wizzcat # voice # zenith # | note to all pddistributions, who want to sell @multimegamix 3@: you will not be allowed to sell this kefrens production, unless a special agreement with the creators. the fact will be a signed contract. you will also have to pay a little amount, and we will then send you back the signed contract, along with a special version of #multimegamix 3#. the only change will be, that you will get your firms name on the loaderpicture, which ofcoz does not allow any other, but you to sell it at all!!! if still interested, then write to: rene w. olsen @ laerkeh0jen 3 @ 4690 haslev @ denmark ...... | aloha!!! this is the hawaian stud zeus writting... oh shit.. what am i doing in ventigoksis scroll.. i dunno... shit. vention is looking strangely at me!! he looks very mad!! avvv forhelvede.. han slog mig... avv avv vav..avv arghhhhhh!!! fedt nu er han vaek... this is vention. zeus has just left the amiga scene. infact he has left this world... he has passed on to the promised land... laxity jubler, nu kan vi endelig leve uden hans mexiaande.. doedsduft.. advr han puster mig i hovedet.. en taet taage omslutter mit hoved.. hey!! hvorfor er alt groent.. scroll restart in 10 mins... now, it is time to get serious. that is, if i can find a serious subject. has anyone seen seen.. you know seen the mean.. kcuf! suez tsuj detraf. eh si adnik yllems.. eh stnawym ydob.. enough bull.. zeus just left the room.. it did not shock us, that he left for the toilet... 7 mins left... just to be original, my super friendly greetings: oeh... i do not have any friends.. the only one who likes me is zeus, and he keeps farting.. still does... and again.. dit store dyr.. stop den udluftning.. den gas er en draeber... smoersyre.. aeggesyre.. avdr, han har lige boevset.. nu stinker der af mexichips i hele vaerelset. i have heard that zeus looks like ozzy of 2000 ad. is thattrue. nobody knows, we will just have to wait and see.. answer will appear in aars, when zeus and ozzy, for the first time, meet... i do not want to be near them. two biiiig farting monsters of traders.. it is hard to write scrolltext, when you are out of inspiration.. now it is time to greet some fellas i think i know: anvil the swartzekrist, black monks that is..... estrup of lame inc.. zeus of the traders union.. the 50 french dudes who has mailed me a letter... milke of germany.. r.oe.w i bukser.. og til sidst.. min mor, for at give mig support, naer jeg ikke behoevede det... if this multimegamix does not work on our machine, tough luck.. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fryd din lille negerprick..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ventigoksi siger fra som sysop...... | yeps, her kommer jeg..... uhhhhmm! well, hawkeye and me are at laxitys place and right now hawkeye is doing some *hardcore sleeping* hmmm, ventithenerd forced me to do my scroll writing now....and i cant say that i am in that good scroll mood after one hell of a night in laxitys bed #hmmm!#..... besides i am feeling bad after last nights mexichips...and so are the rest of kefrens.... og nu et par personlige hilsner: hans the interactivision dude.....traumatic of addicts *for giving me a good laugh*.....d*trade.....f*lame*strike of dzd @you are strange!@.....barock of silents *have you done that ansi!*.....aspection *yeps, heps til dig!*....... hmmm, now ventithenerd is laming aroung on the floor, making weird noises in his sleep....... ohhhh noooo.... r.w.o. has arrived...and i thought that i felt bad before!!.....jeg haaber han har sine nusse handsker med!...... hmmm, hvorfor er ham den fede sysop til brian ikke kommet! kan han ikke komme ud af sin fede laenestol, eller hvad! naa...det kunne vaere at jeg skulle s*m*utte....... aaahhhhrrrmmmmm.... aaarrrhhhhh.... uuuuuuhhh!!!... resut | yo dudes. heres is me and me is raxor the motor dude@ well i havent got much to say so i think that i will pump some hellos to some guys i think i know..... mellica of # . hvad laver du.. jeg vil have basic instinct og en masse andre nye film.. 2 meg ram snoske bolle.... zeus of # . du er lam og klam og lygter af lort ud af munden.. hyde of complex. hope you like this prod!.. vention of #. hope to see ya cool code in a demo soon dude!. circulator of supplex. hvad laver du! jeg haaber vi ses en anden gang... awe of submission. yo dude. nice scene talk mate.. hope to talk with yer soon dual of digital. yo mate hope you like this prod. by the way. call the @ inn for the ultimate plasure. and get a direct line to the old king kefren.......the magic number is: 45 53 76 02 86 ! geeeee i dont what to write so bye bye well....why did you choose this scrolltext ... because you allready have read all the others ... he.... i guess so..... this is your *cool* friend writing a *cool* scroller.. hey *daryl*... hehe lets go on.....with a little advertisement for my @sooncoming@ mag called #hardware heaven# ! it will, as you might know, contain #articles# about *hardware stuff* only !!! if you dont swap with anybody from #kefrens#, but want it anyway, send *two* checked disks to me and i will send the mag to you as @soon@ as it is finished..... send to: @hawkeye@ of #kefrens# *jacob blichfeldt* *langelandsvej 1a* *7400 herning* *denmark* use this address for swapping too !!! so......lets go on with some *small* messages to my contacts etc: written on 12.12.92 tfg of majic 12...when is the next number of top secret...the party 92..... * tarzan of skid row...dropped mailtrading * vector...you too ... i havent heard from you since just after the hurrilame party !! * dreamer of pmc...chip tune lover too ... well, here you got some... * moxy of andromeda...great to finally hear from you again. and nice group too !! * zeus of kefrens...en fed hilsen til dig !!! husknu at fixe det du lovede ! hehe * tsm of trsi...so, any demo from trsi at the party 92 see you there * diddle of sanity...well, coming to aars too * control of alcatraz...fixing a little ansi for me or * daryl of shining...he...hope your understood my little joke in the beginning...hehe * kr33 of sanity...still running that great packserie well drop it, you wont have a chance against mine !!! or no... hehe * quackbuster...nice chart !! wait for my, and my little sisters, votes next time !!! * playboy of static bytes...the big journalist ... i am waiting for the demo reviews !!! mail me a video soon !!! * wotw of gothic...so you think i should start swapping with howie ok...i will do so ! by the way...nice music ! * conquest of anarchy...when is winter melodies finished at wintertime thats now ! hehe catch you in aars * style of legend...nice dentros lately * valiant of equinox...when is the next issue of european top 20 at the party 92 hope so... * jas of phenomena...working on the big demo eh i guess we will meet in aars at the party ! * archmage of andromeda...really nice letters ! keep them coming. too bad you dont have enough time to finish den stoerste demo !!! * corny of shining...heard you are working on a slideshow i am looking forward to see it ! * executioner of s!p scoopex...really nice phonecalls !! sorry for not calling you, but my phonebill reached 3200 dkr last time.. too much for me, without no work. * hurricane of legend...glad to hear you like being in legend ! see you in aars * r.w.o of kefrens...see you.... but n o t in aars hehe !!! * mellica of kefrens... see you in the mainland at christmas time !!! * laxity of kefrens...virkelig paen intro til demoen !!! er du kommet laengere ... hehe... * chrome of rebels...lets swap !!! coming to aars * core of noxious...looking forward to nordic report 4 !!! * vention of kefrens...kommer du ogsaa til aars * blizzart of kefrens...paent af dig at koere derop !! kigger du lige herop en gang inden nooo * dice of kefrens...nice musik til demoen !! send snart noget !! * maestro of kefrens...velkommen !!! haaber at hoere noget mere fra dig !! du kan jo tage airwalk med hvis i gider komme et par uger foer jul * airwalk of kefrens...tja...godt gaaet...ligger paa musikcharten !!! utroligt !!! * yobbo of upfront...thanx for contacting !!! nice stuff... i dunno coz it did not work, but who cares * well i guess this is all i have time to write...sorry to those i did not write to, but as said...no time... btw look in the greetings scroll for a complete greetings list !!! hmmm.....to all those strange finnish dudes writing me about joining.....pleaze! stop! i am bored of replying on all those letters with the same answer.....so if you are a finnish dude, wanting to join, you can as well get the answer right away.......s o r r y, but you cant join....no!!! foreign members !!!!! hope to see you all in aars and if anybody is wondering why i sometimes delay a bit, i can only repeat...i send kefrens stuff only !!! i had to cut at least half of my contacts if i should swap everything ! thats the reason so see you ............. well, just before i leave, i must say that r.w.o is a really great graphician....in this font there is no or or or or or only these funny ones @#*,.!: hehehehe............ 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 restarting

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