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1000 Wasted Dreams


Demo 1991

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| this mega show was coded by the piranha of panic !!!! panic !!!! bottles ahead !!!! my very special greetinx are here on the bootblock going to : dreamer and zack brewster of action ; mad butcher of coma ; bass of splash productions ; funky of agnostic front and some groups like : silents ; orix ; scoopex and anarchy ... i like ya products, hope you like mine, too. one very very special greet is flying out to lynxx of panic, who is my best friend on computer. also greets to the rest of panic ... maybe we will meet later again. so here i say goodbye !! signed : the piranha in 1991 | sado goredon | of panic | of coma | contact us under: | west germany! | lovely kisses from | and from | virgill to daniela! | after some month of very hard coding, panic gives you their new show called 1000 wasted dreams .................... do you remember this object ??? it is the one, who gave my last demo the name: space - egg now here comes a transforming vector cube enjoy the difference now follows a full screen effect, killing your eyes !!! i just called it paralax madness | so now here comes an object of my very lovely vector - routine just look whats inside .. now prepare for a thousand wasted dreams-logo feel the speed and drink another bottle of pilsbeer | this demo was released on the action-party on the 19.10.1991 now for a very new pixel routine just lean back to watch theese fireworks | have you ever felt like a ball before ??? now you can feel like one ... | contact panic soe in soe at soe now just feel like a ball ... | huh !!! that was very weird i guess ... so now here comes an object of my very lovely vector - routine just look whats inside .. now prepare for a thousand wasted dreams-logo feel the speed and drink another bottle of pilsbeer | now comming up the panic greetinglist press left mouse if you get bored | here is the panic greetinx list. press left mouse to leave scroller ... special greets to: action (tsm, blackthorne, essex), agile (stranger), agnostic front (xxx, funky, violator, hellraiser, backlash), anarchy (pinny, teeze), awesome (wonderboy), coral (hot), d-tect (ferris, spider), digital (dope, frap, skaga, source), dynax (mad max), end of century 1999 (mercure), energy (tcb, storm, punisher, candyman), e.s.a. (dr.snuggles), euphoria (the fly), exult (tda), extreme (mr.deshay), fairlight (bombjack, zorlac, plauze), firecracker (jaffa), flame (commiekiller), flash production (powersledge, steve, reflex), frantic (strike), grace (wild rage, darkman, doom), heatbeat, heavy duty (ruler), ipec elite (f(x), lord flight), kefrens (krueger), legend (zice), masquerade (dr.crazy, diamond), punishers (homeboy), quartex (labyrinth), rebels (hawat), scoopex (vortex, falcon, tmb), scrapers (daddy freddy, fozzie, ezekiel), symbiosis (dark knight, zig zag, matthias), the special brothers (commic, cruzifix, speedhawk, zyklon), thundercat, trackers (chapman), treacl (pauly, axel, greboman), tristar and red sector (reebook, double trouble, sorehead), vouge (merlin, mightymuz), wizzcat (tjr). and here the normal greetz to: absence (rob, mcs), accept (lord thrasher), acme (blish), addonic (stone, trucidator), adept (zorlitz), amaze (breeze), andromeda (dr. cruz), archaos (manx), argon (shadowman, krypt), arise (curse), armageddon (s.o.s.), artemis (ariel, black adder), axis (mace), axodry (evil), axxis (roxis), balance (spiri), bastards (mad thing), blacksinus (raw), bronx (s.w.a.t.), bud brain, byte busters (antraxion), byterapers (extabulator), cavalry (kingpin), celeste (maniac), chrome (tornado), coma (rockstar, tomcat, chatman, jedi, mad butcher), complex (micdair), cytax (gadget, pulsar), dazzle (wizard), decade (rygar), dimension 4 (al bundy), d-mob (daxer), dual crew (the gnn), epic (qwo), equinox (orion, warlord), exit (pacman), foundation (trader), freelance (droid, baroque), haitex (stage), icb (mercy), ice (raw), image (zibe), infinity (metalic), intuition (ozwald), iris (slight), lamer-soft (valheru), legacy (shaka), level 4 (front), liberty (subzero), lsd (parasite, sidewinder), majic 12 (zozo), massive (zooman), mexx (einstein), mufty (ex-vogue), myth (the priest), network (yoghurt, fairfax), next (kickaha), odissey (black ninja), offworld (duracell), palace (christer), passion (voodoo), pirates (general, jester), poison (motoerhead), powers of pain (tsr), precise (chewbacca), prime (the disk), pseudonym (ex-prologic), pure metal coders (lord helmet), questor (cyclone), risk inc. (snoopy), royal amiga force (sinn), shining 8 (ghostrider), silents (lyzanxia, circulator), smash, society (al, mr.crusher), static bytes (quackbuster), sub rosa (pax 17), suffix, synaps (deaks), tech (tronix), the lords (shocker), the magic lords (khadaffi), travellers (outlaw), triumph (ninja), untouchables (yeggman), vertical (jpn), zenith (wasp), zeus (sledge). yo !!! thats it... | another stunning scroller ... | 2piranha is proud to present | another unreadable scroller | turning round weird | time for alcohol | dpanic bottles ahead | give me another bottle | now i am breit | ok lets continue | so far so good | now here the last vector objects of this panic-show it is the future when the blue planet has turned to hell | -------------------- and now here are piranhas special greetings : the red baron of slp --- dreamer of action --- funky/agnostic front --- bass of splash prod. --- mad butcher of coma---------------------------------------- jester of rebels --- swatch man of action --- peachy of action --- magic institue / slp --- time (ex tevox) of ? --- rhythm divine of slp --- alec and sun of exec----------------------------------------and of course to all panic-members !!! --- especially to : lynxx, dust, cons, skytec !!! --- and finally to our nice hq flagg --- see you all on the amiga expo 1991 -------------------- | loading please wait | credits for 1000 wasted dreams piranha codingcons musixdust gfxskytec gfxr.baron mental help with special thanx to all guys who supported my work and to all those how gave me that special performance night after night. you were amazing !!! time has come to end this demo but before i will show you a silly scene from the local slums .. see what happend last night... | kleiner hund | /')ij ef (ic;cnajdd'+1 | prost hoshis ! panic is proud to present a new demo called 1000 wasted dreams ! hope you like it ! this is flagg typing ... first i wanna send some special wishes to my lovely girl-friend ... i love you katrin !!!! at the moment we are at warheads place celebrating our meeting (cons is also celebrating his 18th birthday ... so all the best for you !) with a huge amount of beer !!! now flagg signing off to move the keys to another drunk dude ..... yeah c.o.n.s got it right now !!! as flagg i also wanna greet my girlfriend: julia i love ya !!! i personally hope that you like this tune. it took me some time to preform it. anyway some greetings to my best friends: all members of panic !!!! - chong of instinct - stephan t. and marta ... .. . if ya wanna get some tunes for ya demo or intro then contact our hq (flagg). i think it is time to hand the keys over to another guy who is presesented at this really beer-destroying party (by the way we are drinking karlsquell-pilsener and hansa export!!) see ya later !!! c.o.n.s of panic signing off !!!!! hi here is the absolute master of this meeting - sniper of panic - i am moreless drunk but i still can type...so what soll ich schreiben ? well i have been said to type in english....well i am back in finest oxford english....my can of beer is standing in front of me and so i do not want to leave it alone..but one or two things left to say.... 1.funky of agnostic front has terribly red hairs.he should change it into black like me...2.some greetz toakne albus...michelle das buerschtmonster and my two and only loves (at the moment) kerstin and karlsquell pils...ich now overgive the keys zu jugger (my co-wixer..aehh co-compacker.....)....bye to me myself and the exhibitionist....see ya all well in hell.... urps !! komm her und lass dich anfassen du weib !!! end of text !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | the path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom (w.blake)<<

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