Screenshot Amiga Demo: Anarchy | Reflections 1

Reflections 1


Musicdisk 1990

Code: Kreator & Punisher
Grafik: n/a
Sound: 4-Mat

Music: Shadow Dancing, Her Song, China Eyes, Time Ride, No More Crying, Moondark, Harlequin

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| \c 4-mat proudly presents reflections 1 the first selection of | music by 4-mat of anarchy the credits for this disk go like this | menu and loader coding by kreator equalizers by punisher | music by 4-mat well i hope you like these tunes, they took over | a month to compose. some greetings fly out to my | contacts.... hi to : share and enjoy (tiw) , dynamic vision (desir) , | soundwave (panther) , cryptic (gli | yde) , express (questar) , slipstream (marc) | , le git , electron de-coders (mighty wiz) , 2 dimensions (puzzler) , subway | u.k (ant) , cave (flyer) , anarchy (kreator,judge drokk,tony,vector,cph, | future shock,mole,dan) , illusion u.k , dark future u.k (the anarchist) | musical greetings go out to the best (in no order) : romeoknight (rsi) , | uncle tom (razor 1911) , walkman (it) , nightflight (kefrens) , fred , tim | follin , bug (what group are you part of now?) and codex (razor 19 | if any of that list are reading, or if you are a musician, please write to | me!! write to : \a mat 62 st peters crescent | selsey west sussex po20 onp england | or phone england (0243) 605468 | \c remember, final samples (the music-only) diskmag needs articles, | utilities, and music for the first issue, so get them sent in to me as soon | as possible, and | remember : the utilities have to be legal!! also, any | body interested in restarting the network | well, i hope to hear from you soon, i always reply to everybody who writes | to me, even if they send old stuff, so please write. but i only want musical | contacts!! scrolltext will now wrap.... please wait..... | shadow dancing(6.39) | her song (6.55) | china eyes (4.59) | time ride (2.09) | no more crying(2.41) | xnu 4-mat of anarchy presents - reflections1 - all music by 4-mat final samples addres 62 st peters cres. selsey , w.sussex po20 onp england | graffitis soundmonb

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