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Demo 1990

Code: Slayer
Grafik: Reward & Uno
Sound: Maso

Released on Amiga Halloween Conference 90

Nette Start-Sequence, ewig langer Scrolltext!
Auf Demodisk 85

Amiga Diskfile Image (ADF)

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Textauszug generiert aus ADF-Image:

(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | con:0/79/640/134/ascii dump of boot block | virus checker v5.06 by john veldthuis | virus checker requester | ttv1a program just run infected your|memory with the | your memory was infected by the | 16 bit crew virus | new alien beat virus | byte bandit virus | revenge virus | byte warrior virus | ultra fox virus | the unkown virus | pvlprotector virus | ass virus protector | pentagon virus | joshua virus | scarface virus | north star virus | obelisk virus | disk-doktors virus | digital emotions virus | war hawks virus | sspeed virus | lamer exterminator virus | timebomb virus | gadaffi virus | graffiti virus | virus slayer virus | phantasmumble virus | ultra fox virus | microsystems virus | australian parasite | blackflash virus | hcs ii virus | has not been checked for the|xeno virus | the lamedisk is not a dos disk | non-standard boot code | error: not enough memory for buffer | can not continue with check for xeno virus | error : cant open console window|files will still be checked.checking disk in df0: | it has now been corrected | the first file in the startup-sequence|has not been checked for link viruses | virus checker: disks checked: %ld disks installed: %ld viruses found %ld | been infected with the | warning|rlamer virus found on disk in df0: | bsg9 virus was found on the disk | irq virus was found on the disk | attempt to rename file failed|your disk has an invisible file on it|which holds this virus | virus has been renamed as lamervirus|please delete this | gfile and change your|startup-sequence to remove the blank first line | please enter drive name to be checked for|xeno + irq virus in the string gadget.|then press <return> or click on check drive|click on cancel to abort check now. | but the virus has now been disabled | vector|is not zero. this could be a virus|or someother program using this vector|clear it? | vector|has been changed|shall i restore it? | the virus has been removed | do you wish to check all files on a dri | q>ve|if yes then enter name of drive in gadget|else click cancel | error| opening file for write | error| opening file for read | error| finding file | error| deleting file | error| renaming file | error| reading file | error| opening file | error| writing file | error| locking file | is infected with the xeno virus | infected with the irq virus | remove or replace file before using it | rewrite the boot sectors of this disk | are you sure you want to | write protected | disk error: disk is | the virus is still present | been changed|shall i restore it? | the virus has been removed | do you wish to check all files on a dri | .deen uoy ffub | cniaga ekirts | @steerg dnes | em tcatnoc annaw u fi | nuresident program | has a checksum error. | con:0/0/640/100/arp process | new process %d. | cannot open from file %s | .... iris demo vol #39 .... | you need arp.library | string too long, prompt limited to 60 chars | usage: prompt [prompt string] | you need arp.library | error reading %s | error writing %s | invalid option combination n & h | been changed|shall i restore it? | the virus has been removed | do you wish to check all files on a dri | arp shell process | arp background shellarp.library | sorry, no extra help available. | arp warning! a program didn't free its resources! | unmatched quotes | too many arguments | bad positional argument | keyword needs an argument | required argumen | out of memory | bad template or internal error | s@nudirectory error | ; montjoie saint denis !!! .... | ; iris demo vol 39 | ; is made by : | ; to contact iris hq, write to : | [33m illi recentes imperatores | [32m released in november 90 | mega crunching error: can't allocate memory. | released in november 90

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