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| imagination flight | by torbj0rn norbye | (chrome of escape) | torbj0rn norbye | torbj0rn norbye | 1335 dry creek drive | chevrolet van | .... all lamers are welcome to contact us, because we always need some more disks..... here follows a text written by chrome five weeks ago..... this is chrome, writing his last scrolltext, because i will spend my next year in kansas, usa. if there are anybody out there living in kansas, or having contacts in kansas, p l e a s e write to me. (but i can't bring my amiga 'over there'. so: don't send disks) my adress is: torbj0rn norbye, c/o trudeau, 1335 | dry creek drive, derby, kansas 67037, usa. though i can't swap disks, i can help with coding. if you want help with vector calculation, don't hesitate to contact me. let's have some technical about the vector routine. when i started working on the project, i didn't know anything about coordinate transformation or matrix calculation. my first idea was to calculate the rotation by using sqare root, inverse sinus, sinus and cosinus...it's quite simple: first you calculate the ray o | f the point by using inverse sinus, then you add the rotation angle, then you calculate the hypotenus, and then you multiply this hypotenus with sinus and cosinus of the rotation angle.... easy ... it's just two problems... first of all, it takes a hell of a lot many rasterlines, and perhaps the worst: all the round-offs during inverse sinus and square root makes the object unrecognizeable, it looses it's orignal shape during the x, y and z rotation. it therefore seemed impossible | xto make vector with only 32bits dataregisters. but, wild copper had done it. scoopex had done it. cryptoburners had done it. many groups had done it. it had to be a way ! so, i went to the local library and borrowed a few books. 'high leveled algebra', 'matrix calculation', 'transformations' ... it was when studying matrix calculation i learned how to do it ... but, matrix calculation is not needed to do vector graphics ... in our routine, i haven't used a n y matrix calcu | "lation. that's why a x, y and z rotation only uses s48 nmc-68000 instructions totally. all you need is to know about coordinate transformation, and you need to know some vector-mathematics. the first thing i wrote on the routine, was the 3d to 2d converter. (the one that calculates the x,y vector from the x,y,z vector.) this is the easiest part of it. but now problems turned up... i started with three vectors with lenght=1, and the three vectors were all 90 degrees upon | eachother. then i started rotating these, (cosinus and sinus), and with some matrix calculation i calculated the rotation formulas. but these formulas didn't use any matrix calculation... that's how it was done, but of course - all vector routines need more than just the x,y values - they need a routine to put the whole thing on the screen ... and lucky me - cube had written a linedraw routine. !!!! | sescape norway (the outlaws) fpresents: n@ sinevectors > !!!!! release date : 11th sept. 1989. spread this disk world-wide !! - in case someone didn't know : the outlaws are the name of the norwe | gian part of escape int. let's take the credits first... this great font is made by s= shockbyte = n all democoding and design by : s@ cube > nvectorcalculations and music by % schrome %n logo drawn by :s $ ditto $ ftjobing, folks, this is cube writing. (who else..chrome is in kansas..) i think i'll take the memberlist for escape norway (the outlaws) now in no order : lobber (coder, some swapping), alf, code lord, exen (some code,muzak and gfx), lix (swapper), the chie | if tomcat, sprudle, cube (coder, some swapping), excalibur (coder, swapper, modem), the ripper (swapping), ditto (gfx, swapping), pacman (swapper), extazy (some muzak) and the end (mega-swapper of escape norway) chrome and i (cube) have worked on this demo since i released my bob-demo, so i must say that i am quite tired of this vector now.. i didn't use any libraries or interrupt in this demo.the hardware-manual is a cool book, yeah ! originally this demo, was ment to incude some f | illed vectors, but the hidden-lines formula is not finished yet. i'm working with it these days, and i've got a clue...the blitter-filling is very easy, so maybe filled-vectors in my next demo.... no promises ! there have been a lot of guys writing to me since i released my bod-demo, but i think they did misunderstood a bit, coz i did only want contacts with other coders, for swapping, contact another escape member. adresses after greetinx-list. i am not shure if i am going to make | a game or continue with the demo-coding after this.... by-the-way : nescape norway (the outlaws) need some good music so if anybody can make as good music as the one you hear now, please contact cube : jan thoresen, n-2500 tynset, norway f send some homade melodies, too ! . o.k. i think the time has come to start the endless greetings-list from escape. so... escape send hellos with some buildt in messys from cube to : hopefully in (a-z) order.... (right button to speed up | scroll) # abyss # academy # add # the agents # ahead # alive # alpha flight (cool that you did like our 'partytime') # amiga force # amiga ind/freedom force # amigavision # arcadia (her kommer endelig demoen ..liker dere den ??) # atomic # avalanche # avenger # the band # beastie boys # big ones # black monks (norway : ta og skriv et brev til meg, for jeg har ikke adressen deres... du husker vel tog-stasjons-demoen ?? ) # brainstorm # bros # browbeat # byterapers (hey, are do you | always send back so late, or do you just steal disks ?) # the cartel # complex # contex # copy crew # cosa nostra (jonny, har du kutta ut amigaen fullstendig ?? ) # the critters # crusaders # crush/bitsmashers # cryptoburners (contact me (cube)) # the culprits (hope you like this little piece of work) # ddc # deathstar # dominators # don dio # the dudes # ecf # end of century 1999 (i did like your demodisk !) # eve/karen # exec # fashon # fbw/ivory # flash prod. # the flash tea | ow<im # foundation # freestyle uk # fsk # fusion # gate # geir # ghostriders # giants # the goonies # gooser # highspeed/anthrax # the honey crew # horizon # ibb/digitech # imp 666 (heisann, espen : hvorfor gikk rawhead til helvete ??) # inquisitors # invition # ipec elite # it (i'll contact you soon..) # ivory & fwb # jjj # kefrens (metallion : don't you have one of my disks? - promax: i just love your seka v.3.0 it saved me for a lot of work with this demo !) # kkgb # larry spera # la | zer # level 4/shadow light # limited # mach 4 # mafia # magic # magnetic fields # mentronix # micky # morons # mr.spinhead # new order # nicam # no name team # nst/the silents # nuclear unit # paul james # phaze 101 # phenomena # phoenix # plasma force # pretenders # random access # razor 1911 ( cool party you gouys had..) # rough boy # the round circle # route 66 # sanxion # sargon 1972 # scoopex (jesus is alive ! ) # section 1 # sector 5 # sex boys # sex inc. # sexmad swappers # | silver hawks # sirius cybernetics inc. # sli # software of sweden # spreadpoint/defjam/ccs # starlight # tetragon # thunderbird (thanx 4 the hardwaremanual, pal !) # totenkopf # traxxion # triad # triangle # trilogy (you have one of my disks, too ! ) # tristar # tronic (droid : how's the coding going ? ) # unicorn # unitrax # vision # the wanderers # wizzcat # wizzy # x-men # zark # zenith # zigag/destiny # zoom ..phew ! that's it ! if you wasn't mentioned, you are clever ! | if you want to have contact with escape norway (the outlaws), ..... nfor swapping, contact s * ditto * : geir kj. h0yset, n-7095 ler, norway. n coders can contact me.... s* cube * : jan thoresen, kongsvn. 23b, n-2500 tynset, n o r w a y. n i haven't got the adress for the biggest swapper in escape norway, but you cant get it by writing to : s * lobber * : steinar birkelund, b.a.l0vvoldsv. 69, n-9022 krokelvdalen, n o r w a y....... nand by the way. | ffo era sevird, | "; wer hat was von f9 gesagt ? | den quatsch ! | ; was denn, du brauchst hilfe ? | -; hier ist auch nichts ! | $; was soll denn der tabulator ? | &; hier kommst du nicht raus !!!!! | "; wer hat was von f9 gesagt | den quatsch ! | ; was denn, du brauchst hilfe ? | <<<tom 10 disk number 1!!!!>>> | !unable to create backgr | error in number | time should be hh:mm | -; hier ist auch nichts ! | 3; please press : control - amiga - amiga | $; was soll denn der tabulator ? | &; hier kommst du nicht raus !!!!! | invalid argument to echo | <<<tom 10 disk number 1!!!!>>> | s your choice:->" | ************ f8> pseudo-ops guardian ***** | *** <reset when pressing 8> **** | -; hier ist auch nichts ! | $; was soll denn der tabulator ? | &; hier kommst du nicht raus !!!!! | "; wer hat was von f9 gesagt | -; hier ist auch nichts ! | 3; please press : control - amiga - amiga | $; was soll denn der tabulator ? | &; hier kommst du nicht raus !!!!! | the bootblock of any disk inserted into df0: and will show what is on | bootblock of any disk inserted into df0:). | press left mousebutton to see and i hope enjoy the progs on the menu screen. | also after you have seen this disk there is disk 2!! 2 of the many tom 10 | compact disks. | yours rik from damage | (damage is the british part of artech inc.) | <axiom rik technology incoperated) | ************ f8> pseudo-ops guardian ******************* | 4mtorsten juergeleit | 7;42musage : border [on] [off] | parameters no good for prompt | <<<tom 10 disk number 1!!!!>>> | 0m by john meissen now installed | 0m, run it again. | 0m by john meissen now installed | run it again. | hello thomas my old mate!!!~t | editing file | tab distance | right margin | block start block end | buffer usage | type any charac | *ter to continue | nq(edits will be lost - type y to confirm: | writing to file | buffer corrupt | error - disk full | file contains binary | no room in buffer | tabs in file expanded | input lines truncated | bad arguments | invalid number given for size | size of %n too small | unable to open window %s | not enough free store | invalid file name | file contains binary | file too big | last line deleted | no room in buffer | creating new file | input lines truncated | line too long | unknown command | commands abandoned | syntax error | unable to open file | number expected | no block marked | cursor inside block | block incorrectly specified | search failed | tabs in input file expanded | nq&unable to obtain information about %s | '%s is a directory and cannot be edited | virusx 4.00 by steve tibbett | virusx: checking device df0: | df?: boot sectors | |nonstandard boot code! | ignore it|repair it | install new bootbl | dock?|are you sure? | the disk is write protected. | disk healed. | the system's coolcapture vector|is not zero. this could mean a new|virus is in ram, or that some other program|is using this vector. see the|virusx documentation for more info.|clear it? | the system's coldcapture vector|is not zero. this could mean a new|virus is in ram, or that some other program|is using this vector. see the|virusx | \documentation for more info.|clear it? | the system's kicktagptr vector|is not zero. this could mean a new|virus is in ram, or that some other program|is using this vector. see the|virusx documentation for more info.|clear it? | infected with the ` | ' virus was found | ignore it|repair it | virus was found|in memory, and is now disabled.|please see the virusx documentation|for more information. | a program you ran contained the xeno virus.|it has been removed from ram, but virusx will not|extensively search for it on disk.|use the kv utility to check recently executed files. | apparently has been|affected by the bgs9 virus, but|i cannot find the virus itself.|see the documentation for more info. | a virus that looks like bgs9 was found,|on the file | ,|but it's not the bgs9 virus. you should examine|this file, and the | 'devs' directory on that disk. | bgs9 virus removed from | thank you | error removing bgs9 virus from|device | .|check your startup sequence (the first command in it),|and look in the devs directory. | thank you | notice: the irq virus was found|on the file ' | '.|okay to remove? | leave it|remove it | disk healed. | error removing.|disk may be write protected.|try again? | disks checked: | disks installed: | pentagon circle | australian parasite | pentagon circle | lamer exterminator | old northstar | caution!|rlamer virus found on drive df0:|disk is write protected. | attempt to rename virus failed.|your disk has an invisible file on it,|which contain | s this virus. | thanks for the warning | the virus has been renamed to the root directory|of that disk, as 'dangervirus'.|please delete this file, and edit your|startup-sequence to remove the invisible filename|found on the first line. | the lamer revenge virus was found in ram,|and is now disabled. | @ preferences :- problem with graphics library ! | @ preferences :- problem with math library ! | @ preferences :- problem with intuition library ! | es :- unable to open a window ! | @ preferences :- unable to set the required font ! | 4illegal gadget number. | preferences: unable to write file! | graphics library not found. | math library not found. | dos library not found. | where did intuition go? | intuition library not found. | preferences: unable to open a window. | preferences: problem with setfont. | preferences [pointer | printer | serial] | key repeat speed | key repeat delay | right margin | custom printer name | narrow tractor | wide tractor | }/x:and white | color correct | height limit | sserp . ksid txen tresni | gnev 'eg!acslp | %s already exists | !invalid option combination n & h | !invalid option combination n & h | ritten by ch.haller greetings to sca, -c5-, blackbird and nobody | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | parameters no good for prompt | where optional loaddelay is 0-9, | where optional loaddelay is 0-9, | specified in seconds for the cli | specified in seconds for the cli | to sleep, waiting for task to load | to sleep, waiting for task to load | (minimizes inter-task disk-thrashing) | (minimizes inter-task disk-thrashing) | :command not found | :command not found | ran out of memory! | ran out of memory! | is a directory, not a file! | is a directory, not a file! | run >nil: <nil: | as a background task | as a background task

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