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Demo 1990

Sine Scroller, Dot Vectors

Auf Demodisk 89

Amiga Diskfile Image (ADF)

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| " unable to create directory %s - | bad arguments | destination cannot be a pattern | cannot get workspace | destination must be a directory | output directory not found | invalid char '%c' in number | %s already exists | can't create directory %s | out of workspace | nq!internal error: lock %x8 missing | %could not get information for "%s" - | could not examine disk | destination is a directory | error while %sing | destination file "%s" removed | can't open %s for input - | care you???? finished all your work???? hope you like this disk??? | garfield demos good and so is the megablast one!!!!! | hope to see you soon??? your one and only fantastic mate, | here are some more greets to our best friends... | chris, arnie, thomas, stephen and everybody else in germany who i know! | oh blonk... another evil disk surfaces! guess what, it's | [31m> sae-scx "megablast" demo (let's bomb the bass here and now maaan!) | [31m> slipstream "garfield" demo (haw haw haw haw! bastard well funny!) | [31m> animate "one week" demo (well bugger me! well 'ard solid 3d!) | [31m> animate "lollibobs" demo (ahhh, aren't those bobs just sooo cute?) | [31m> warp 9 "the fuzz" demo (as i said, the worst thing is the grafix!) | [31m> sae-scx mini-intro again (yet anot | her sine scroller!) | [31m for this very nice menu, and press | the greetings- like who's who but more accurate!!! | t.i.w. is again the one to blame for this disk... and if you blame | me, you're fuckin' deed pal! | [32msae-scx- we're so hot that we wear asbestos underpants! | axenon, beastie boys and sargon, blitting image, bss, byterapers, chaos | and megadeth, citizen x, coitus interrupt, cosmos, crusaders, crionics, | crysis, d-mob, darkness, deliverance, delta line, dexion, dingbot, | distinction bros, doc, dreamweavers, dri, druids, dudes, electric menagerie, | end of century, esa, escape, excel, excellence crew, forcible power, freedom | bros, inquisitors, ipec elite, iron eagle crew, intuition, it, | jamware, jungle command, l'disque, level 4, lez, magnetic fields, mercenary, | razor 1911, rebels, red sector, rms, rogue male, sos, slipstream, supplex, | system interrupt, tartan army^tst^kefrens, team-x, the band, the link, the | vision factory, warp 9, watchmen, work force, x-men and xxx international. | zappa and zing. | [30m, excel, excellence crew, forcible power, freedom | c/setmap fkeys | [31mour highest respectful greetings are delivered to the best: (in no order) | * - all scoopexians - quartex - mirage uk - defjam^ccs - oracle - * | * - complex - supreme - black monks - northstar - accumulators- * | * - cyrus corp - eclipse - silents - fairlight - subway - * | here are some more greets to our contacts and very best friends... | accession (and disknet), aces, aces high, acu, alias, amiga force, | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | * - all siroccoians - * | !invalid option combination n & h | bad args for %s | could not open %s for input | not assigned | not enough memory | device %s already mounted | unable to create new node | device "%s" not recognized | user break detected | duplicated declaration of "%s" | unexpected end of file | name too long | unrecognized keyword "%s" | internal error | ** error in mountfile line %n: p | /* mountlist for v1.3 */ | /* mount entry for the new console handler */ | /* this is an example of a non-filing system mount using a handler written | /* this is an example of an alternative type of non-filing device mount, | used to mount the non-buffered serial handler | /* this is a non-filing system device */ | /* this is an example of a mount list entry for using the recoverable | ram disk. depending on the amount of memory you wish to devote to | it, you may want to change the highcyl value. | /* mount a 5.25" disk drive to be mounted as df2: */ | /* an example mount entry using the fast file system with a partition | of the hard disk using the 2090 disk controller. prep has been | used to create the first partition (up to cylinder 20). the second | partition is mounted, using the following entry: | note: some hard disk drivers require more stack than specified here. | some may required less. | (the hard disk is not included; this is only an example.) | /* let's say you have an a2000 with an internal drive, and an external | drive, and you want to refer to the external drive as df1: as well | as df2: well, this mountlist entry will do it for you. | ; this technique | can be extended to provide you with a drive a: and b: if you really | (the hard disk is not included; this is only an example.) | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | when you reset type "sirocco" and get a surprise. but wait until the screen | turns blue and lets you type in "sirocco". yours, rik of sirocco.

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