Screenshot Amiga Demo: Sagazity | End of the Misery

End of the Misery


Demo 1993

12ter Platz The Party 1993
Disk 1/2

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| you do not have enough memory to watch this demonstration! | you found mine | hidden part!! | time for my personal greetings.... | hope to see your real demo real soon.. really..!! | soo you found my hidden part.. he.. | hope you had a nice time i mauritius??? | good luck with your new group. | i do not know which one of you i know. | anyway keep on the good moduleproducing!! | i want to see "!" now!!!! | i hate traders! you know that!! | vacum (independent) | i really like your two last modules. | do something about your board.. (hehe). | i know... nallen rulez.

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