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End of the Misery


Demo 1993

Disk 2/2

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| eom2 <---- do not remove!! it's the disk 2 id!!!! : | end of the misery was released at the party iii 1993 in denmark !!! please enjoy the show............ | dc.b ' sorry to say... ' | dc.b ' but unfortunally this intro ' | dc.b ' wont run on a game boy... ' | well this is the end of yet another sgz production 1993! this demo was produced by bitch! !rade! blade! axy! vacum! a big thanx to helena for some help stop facism!!! personal greetings from rade, bitch and axy! - no special order - nallen / independent mr beta / radiance wham / ash flux / faith samsman! / tfa boz! / nemol incido / pointless electron / citron. quint / diabolos incubus / diabolos art mooney / atm trade! / atm sgz ache / pointless dwb / anathema zwinx / rage libresse! / diabolos d-zire / silents m litz! / anathema nico / independent baltazar! / diabolos poseidon / paradox new jack / digital skin! / dezign corto! / crystal stranger / deflect vacum! / independent vinzi! / yodel burton / deflect weber! / independent abbadon / rage zipper / yodel spirou / sug r0w cuddley! / sug r0w rubber / sug r0w dionysis / deflect big boss! / anathema disorder! / syndrome shadower / indep tommy! / lcg gorgen / mcs slash! / citron. confidence / snd and all members of sagazity sorry if we forgot you! since many dudes was kicked from sagazity here is a complete memberlist - from a-z - axy gfx blade music blazer gfx bitch code manta sysop, ascii mike music nosferatu music rade code redferne code size gfx trade gfx yoki sysop, code that's enuff for us! 2 join sgz call: - teknophobia! - forbidden dreams groovus maximus! suicide zone only real members! try to find bitchs hidden part! it's very... long live all great hard working demo dudes out there in the real scene!! | call cheop's revenge: | this tune is made for | the endpart of our | demo called: | #%end of the misery%#

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