Screenshot Amiga Demo: Diskjockey | Blood Money

Blood Money


Demo 1989

Game Music, The Art of Music 015

Auf Demodisk 91

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| viruscope bootmenue v1.0h | the wizard demo-compact | illustra demo | blood money music | paranoimia demo | channel 42 demo | the clan demo | world of wonders | (udc our crew. so here is our nehw memberllist.... no orderc! exxon and jason on amiga h mathewl, nevis, arcon, dyke,c angelripper and zaxx on 64..h... wloooow... here are sumc greetz ....nearly all on 64 hbecause wle are very very new ocn amiga so here we go avehnger axxless hotline horizon cosmos wwe crazy nato h and all lguys here on the partyc, like defcon 1 illushtra quarltex and the others....c... if you like to conhtact us slend sum fresh stuff to... p | lk. 022901 d 3250 hhameln 1 l wild west germany...... ok guys. text ends hhere! looooooooooop! viper 1989 | hello lhere are viper designs for the first time on this machihne.... lthis little decmo was coded by our new membehr exxon l this is zaxx tcyping the text.... we areh here onl the viper desigcns, axxess, bb party and i hmust sayl that it is a coocl atmosphear here..... some hguys of lyou may know viperc from the 64. about 1 month ahgo two lamiga freaks joine | $unable to create background process | pese commands are: | p<speed>.....play song at speed 1 to f (ex. p6 or just p ). | in...........play instrument number 0 to f (ex. i8 ). | n<name>......rename song. (ex. nflash team ) | 1............flip to the screen with the first 15 instr. | 2............flip to the screen with the next 16 instr. | ms...........move song from current position to $40000. | (use this to prevent window movements from destroying | it to copy a tune down from fastmem to | ss...........save song to st-00:songs/<name> | sm...........save module to current disk. | sin..........save instrument 0 to f. | c............continue to search for song. | *<command>...execute cli-command. | (to use this facility run has to be | present in the c dir on the disk.) | note: when you search for an 'old' st-song, it means that it is a song | made with an old version of the soundtracker (one with only | a 'new' st-song is a song made with a 31 inst. soundtracker. | ps: don't search in the fastmem without expansion, your amiga will crash!! | press <return>con:0/0/640/256/flash ripper made in 1989 by flash of genius !!!! | ---- hallo freak... ---- | flash -ripper v2.3 | press [ l ] to search for a 'new' st-song in the chipmem.($000000-$07ffff) | press [ ol ] to search for an 'old' st-song in the chipmem.($000000-$07ffff) | press [ h ] to search for a 'new' st-song in the fastmem.($c00000-$c7ffff) | press [ oh ] to search for an 'old' st-song in the fastmem.($c00000-$c7ffff) | press [ i ] for instructions. | press [ x ] to exit the flash-ripper. | make your day: | this magnificent ripper was up | )graded by hilfe.hilfe.hilfe.hilfe.hilfe | it was based on the sound-hacker v1.1 by promax of kefrens. | this ripper can rip almost any soundtrackersong, if it's still in | the memory. it is also able to rip/play/save and show all the 31 instruments | that can be used on the soundtracker v2.3. the flash-ripper features also | nearly all the other usual commands that can be found on various rippers. | we hope you will find this program useful, and if you have ideas for | ut, find any bugs etc, you can always reach us at: | possible soundtracer tune found at location $000000 | lenght of song $00 number of patterns $00 module lenght $000000 | p<speed>...play song 1......instr $01-$0f 2......instr $10-$1f | in........play instr rn<name>rename instr n<name>..rename song | ss.........save song sm.......save module sin.......save instr | c....continue search return.....main menu *<comm>..cli-command | enter your choice : | the wizard disk no.5 | viruscope bootmenue-loader v1.0 | !invalid option combination n & h | bombuzal and fred's firma in ' | viruscope bootmenue-loader v1.0 | druids on amiga | $unable to create background process | $unable to create background process

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