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Demo 1993

Code: Antibyte
Grafik: Mack, Uno, Made, Nightlight & J.O.E.
Sound: Hi-Lite & Fred

Amiga Diskfile Image (ADF)

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Textauszug generiert aus ADF-Image:

(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| 8 pha q. coded by antibyte of scoopex | coding antibyte | support coma | g-tronic, zig zag, | ranger and tech !! | call these boards | no respect (ehq) | double action v1.0 | by vince of tristar | double action v1.0 | by vince of tristar | double action v1.0 | by vince of tristar | |have you smelled | the hidden fart? | |burning chrome, | and ranger! | in mcmxciii | double action v1.0 | by vince of tristar | bnucoming up... some more glenz thingies............ | please insert 'pha-q' in any drive!! | the file 'scoopex00' is corrupt! | the file 'scoopex00' was not found!! | please check the disk. lmb = retry! | sorry... but this production needs 1 mb. | reconfigure your system and reboot!! | ccr usp rasrhilscccsneeqvcvsplmigeltgtlet f subi addi cmpi andi andi andi eori eori eori ori ori ori bclr bset btst bchg movep bclr bset btst bchg dc.w rts nop rte jmp jsr clr swap rtr trapv unlk link trap move.l illegal tas tst nbcd ext pea move.w not stop move.w neg move.w negx reset movem lea chk dc.w move.b movea.l | mmove.l movea.w move.w db@@ s@@ addq subq dc.w b@@ moveq dc.w sbcd divs divu or suba subx sub dc.w cmpa cmpm cmp eor abcd muls mulu exg and adda addx add as@ ls@ ro@ rox@ as@ ls@ ro@ rox@ dc.w dc.w h | wrong drive | track faulty | disk protected | no value given | line malformed | too few info | error in filename | file not found | not enough space | directory error | 1990/1991/1992 by stefan walter. released on 30.03.93 | press key: | release key: | not found till | press <esc> to return to monitor | head on track | read file to | wrote file from | file deleted | message from debug server | old checksum | n (s)(i) :assemble | t [s][e][t] :transfer mem | a (s) :set vi | e (s)(d) :edit mem | o [s][e][d] :occupy mem | w (x) :cpu traps | d (s)(e) :disassemble | c (s)(e)(t) :compare mem | v (x) :create trap | a (s)(e) :show ascii | f (sejd)(m) :find data | h (n) :history | m (s)(e) :show hex | f (sej'i'i) :find disasm | g [s] :go sub | l (s)(e) :show copper | s (p)(b)(c) :set sim-adrs | i (n) :leave out | p (s)(e) :show text | f (n)(c){@} :edit f-keys | u :next step | k (s)(e) :matchbuffer | z (n*n?cb) :trace steps | r (rs):edi | p (s)(m) :show plane | b (s)(*n?b) :breakpoints | q/q :quit prog | ? (expr) :calculate | t (expr){@} :set linkterm | x/x :exit and go | >f(n) :format disk | <s [s][s](n) :read secs | d (n) :set drive | >s [s][s](n) :write secs | d?(n) :find head | <t [s][t](n) :read tracks | b [s] :bootchksum | >t [s][t](n) :write tracks | k [s] :blockchksum | l [fs](n)(s):load file | v (path) :directory | s [f][s][e] :save file | ddress error | illegal instruction | trapv instruction | privilege violation | op code 1010 | op code 1111 | illegal breakpoint | stack breakpoint | entered from '????' | back from subroutine | double action v1.0 | by vince of tristar

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