Screenshot Amiga Demo: Synergy | Cybernut



Demo 1990


Auf Dexion Tube Pack #10

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| trix vi ses paa jeres party) kefrens (yo toxic remember to send soon) | paradox (drake and clash) skid row (yo teacher do you like this intro) | defeat northstar (hello deathbringer nice to see ya demo) | vision factory (killroy) acid (hej playboy jeg haaber vi m0des i | odense) cycron (hej jonas din lille sortsmusker ska du ha nogle baaank | jeg glaeder mig til at se din intro) amaze (yo zaphod send soon) | bastards (hej mad thing hvornaar skal vi banke the | yo creator sorry about the delay but i have lost your address) nolimits (yo magnum here is the new stuff from us) | dual crew (jbm sorry about delay so stay cool and send soon) spectre (mightymuz) | contrast (i cant remember yo name sorry) cascade (nick nice to swap | with you) ibb (nice to swap with you dudes) decay (send soon) | nz epress warfalcons (yo gay nice to see that you have joined warfalcons) | magnetig fields (yo frap sorry about de | lay) tension (okay lets start | some hot swapping) alpha flight (avatar) and ofcause a great hello to patrick and the rest | of prologic germany if i had forgot any one the mention it in you next | letter i hope this vill be okay dudes..... lets stop writing seeyou | er ska du ha nogle baaank | jeg glaeder mig til at se din intro) amaze (yo zaphod send soon) | bastards (hej mad thing hvornaar skal vi banke the | l party will be hold in denmark in a town called nyk0bing falster | the party place in a big hall in the middel of the town the | date is 15.february to 17.february all amiga users are velcome at | 18.00 and the party will close at 18.00 there vill also be great prices | if there are 200-400 peoples then vill 1.price 5000 dkr. 2.price 3000 dkr. | 3.price 1000 dkr. more than 400 peoples vill prices be much higher..... | vill cost 80 dkr. for more infomations just write to the following add. | prologic skraenten 2 mogenstrup 4700 naestved | denmark or call krueger at this number 0045-53761220 | and over to some more summit covention our drinking meeting yesterday. | we started by drinking 30 #tuborg# julebryug beers on 2 and a half hour. | we where 5 people at the beginning!. after the first case where gone | drove we to lov to buy another case af julebryg. we starte | d our mopets | and off we go. on the way to lov (a town) did krueger crach, and belive me | it did make improvements on his face. after 10 beers of the second case | did blitboy and krueger past out as a turtle. and rene throw up in a trash | can. after to hours did krueger woke up and went to the wc. when he | came out from the wc did he past out on the floor. after waking blitboy | up by putting some wodka in his nose.then we went to the wc to check | krueger, and guess what we had beside us? s | ome shaving gel and suddenly he | waz allmost white just like cristmas hehehehehehahaha then he worke up and | we started fighting with deodorants i waz smelling like hell after that... | then we started to drink again after that waz my memory total black out | and now over to some personal greetings so lets go omicron (yo zoolook) | storm (yo monotof nice to start swapping with ya) arcane (davs bluth | undskyld forsinkelsen men introen skulle lige vaere faerdi) dexion | t the mf party.'what a load | hi to :mr.big,judge drok,kartor,4-mat,tony,vector | ,ash of slipstream,parel-axe of alienation,ipec-elite | magnetic fields,all anarchy members and last but not | least all the people how use this | !unable to create background task | !unable to create background task | !invalid option combination n & h | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | tube pack #10 | tube pack #10 | 3;31;44 m anarchy u.k. virus killer v1.0 | 0;31;44m memory is now clear. | coded 100% by the punisher of anarchy u.k. | * 1st thing 1st, message to ant of subway u.k | fuck off and die you lame shit!.ant is the one | who said he had f-29 a | tube pack #10 | runches while loading ... | jolly roger - the revolution ... | davs jeg hedder carsten og jeg kan godt lide tuborg julebryg | yooho this is krueger of prologic dk i have the honour to present | a new intro coded by amok this intro include a hot party meeting and | and some personal greetings there vill also be some infomations about | the static byte and prologic party !!!!! okay i forgot the rest of | the credits the great music was made by blazer and the graphics waz | done by amok and tsc first some infomations about the party | cybernut demo by synergy in 1990 | problems like that you don>b

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