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Museum (TIP)


Slideshow 1992

Code: Quedex
Grafik: Fox, Alex, PGCS & Illuvatar
Sound: Brainbug

Ancient Buildings from "Odyssey" by PGCS
"Astronaut" by Iluvatar
"Bigbitten" by Alex
"Broadsword" by Iluvator
"Illian" by Alex
"In the Temple" by Iluvator
Jungle Planet from "Odyssey" by PGCS
"LAD 1" from "Odyssey"
"Legend" by Iluvatar
"Littlesleepy" by Alex
"Margot" by Alex
"Mipakalanatungua" by Alex
Monks from "Odyssey" by PGCS
"Riding" by Iluvator
"Scotland" by Iluvator
"Shanower" by Alex
Spherical City from "Odyssey" by PGCS
"Starrpiedra" by Alex

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