Screenshot Amiga Demo: Alcatraz | Compass Issue #1

Compass Issue #1


Diskmag 1994

Compass Very First Words, Your Main Editos, (c) by Alcatraz, Credits, We Are Alcatraz!, Realtime Vote Feature, Addresses
News Editorial, Amiga Scene News (A-Z), General Computer News
The Scene
Remembering 1993, Party 3: Intros, Results, Lemom. - Here We Leave!, About The Compass Poll, Scene Addiction, The Leading Charts, Good Bye, The Making of A.S.S, Design! Contents!, Underground Cult, Game Ratings, ASCII Unlimited - Seriously, Attention - Graffiti, The Scene Movie ComputeriZed, The Chock Stocks, Innovators, Record Breakers, Friendship And Groups, The Masters are Here, Leaving THe Scene, Patsy - Opinions, Oscars, Promotional Schemes, What Is Compass?, Compatibility - NOW!, Poland Joins TRSI
Welcome to the Arena!, buZINEss, The Truth About ZINE, The Party III, The French Fiasco, A Serious Death Threat?, We Joind And Left? Lame News
Baggy Trousers of Essence, WOTH of Essence, Laxity of Kefrens, Mscno, Target: GFX Artists, The Making of Extension
More Real
... Than Life!, Image Excess, Life, Credit Card, Inter Rail - No End!, Nazi Bombs 1993, Does He Look Good?, Madrid, The Russian Antichrist!
Story Book
Dark Lightning - Preface, 1 - The New Beginning, 2 - Inside Freedom, 3- Seeking Info, Mortuary Life, Hunter and Prey, Vengeance
Cows, Baseball Bat Birthday, Freddie, Soeners, Scenology: Lapland, Travel Diary
Prices and More, Denmark, Holland, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Turky
Compass Music Competition!
Bye until .. Next Issue!, Thak you! Last Words

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