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Christmas Demo


Slideshow 1991

Trackloader soundtrack, christmas dog pictures

Weihnachtstechno-Mix und Bescherungsbilder mit zwei Hunden und Amiga-Geschenken

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| welcome to the megawatts 1991 christmas demo. this is *not* a virus! we at megawatts want to wish you and your amiga a very happy christmas and a u4ic new year. megawatts still needs competent artists... internet email to kskelm@happy.colorado.edu for comments or more info! | qpfairy lights | by u4ia of megawatts | u4ic productions | music for christmas. | have a happy xmas. | please contact me at | or 32 ingleside rd. | we still need new | members for megawatts | so if u can do | something good or | think u can..contact | us..gfx peeps wanted. | new e-mail account: | ya all come back soon | amazing what you can | do with just two | samples to play with | and a boring night!! | please send me new | samples. i am in dire | need of them. thanx | xmas pudding mix | by u4ia of megawatts | happy crimbo people. | whave a good one. | and have a drink 4 me | u4ic productions

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