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| lunknown made this bullshit ! | ittle, just a little bit.... eh, unknown, next week koma-party? unknown : oller, kansst alk mitbringen..... mabuse(n) : ja! hoehoehoehoe! (mann bin ich beknackt now some short greetings (falls sie ankommen...) ooohhh! wiggle! just do it! come on! won't you wiggle ??? wiggle! wiggle it! willst neue platten kaufen, eh??? haeh? haeh? keep jaming the situation.... doctor mabuse greets : dirk of rsi (still alive??) - the ram | o hunter (same) - and all other ex-contacts thanx for all !!!! wisst ihr was.... unknown kann nicht singen !!!! die nadel ist gesprungen.... your gettin' down, because the soun' ....on the dance floor.... unknown wants to say something : n' satz das war aber lustig, michael!!!! magic will auch was schreiben : an alle manta-fahrer : wandert aus !!! ende. mabuse : bmw - fahrer sind auch nicht besser !!! | k mitsupischi is (sh) it !!!! elphants : best beer in universe... uh!! uh!!! uh!!!! just keep doin' what you feel inside... now you're 'movin - and you can't stop the poison.... hot! - the smoke is pumping - look here the crowd's still jumping... situation.... come on.... situation.... hahaha! come on, get ready girl, rock, keep on 'movin! ! unknown hat fuenf !!!! fuenf was ??? na, fuenf p.... natuerlich he's omni-pote | 7nt.... (of course just a joke) und mabuse dachte tatsaechlich das tape reagiert wirklich auf pfeifen. harharhar !! harharhar.... wer hier wohl 'ne pfeife ist ???? ich bau auf s e c h s! sechs! serkers! das ist serkers! wiggle it is : two in a room !! | %[abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890?!-+()',.: yoo freaks here is rcf of d-tect writing some shit for our new demo called mhhhhh no name...... heheh jojo the demo has no name now i want to give you | the numbers from our boards in germany call traders heaven at ++49 (0)431 525345 sysop rcf d-tect with a cool pc section and a hack mag conference.... and many fun or call pleasure paradise at ++49 (0)591 64755 sysop case of d-tect also with a cool demo section and a hack mag conference hellos to : coke-ufo , heiko-untouchables , brainwave-sanity , jones , drn-level 4 , l+c-fairlight , magic drummer-endless piracy , r0ly-level 4 , devil-addonic , wire 154 , and all the ot | 26her i have forgotten the complete greetings list will follow in one of our next productions ok thats all l8r folks........... the next one please... hi, this is charly speaking.... rcf called me some minutes ago and told me that i should write some lines for the scrolly of unknowns demo....it is not easy to write a scroller over a demo which i have not seen before.... the first idea i got: we got till now less articles for the next issue of our hack mag, so send us your stuff con | cerning the hack mag! write articles, party reports and reader letters, collect news, send ads..... send all to: plk 022705 c w-7856 ruemmingen germany. o.k. i hope you like this demo, i also want to welcome our new member unknown!! but, we are still searching for more coders!! write to any d-tect address! so, i reached the 10th line, this is a good number to stop..... sorry, but i have no time to write more, because i have go to the school. and i have also to send | this text to rcf, so he can it add to the source o.k. best regards, and ... ooouuu stop some greetings to: shadow of ex brainstorm, panther of style, yankee, devil, dragon, hari, homeboy, paradign of addonic, chester of brainstorm, avalon and megablast of united forces, tyson of impact inc, spock of frantic and to all other friends.... end and over...charly of d-tect so now some bullshit from leo jo guys ... here is leo speaking ... i am a new member of d-tect ... i am modemtr | ader and ansi gfx maker ... look out for my work ... ok ... i decided to write this scroller cause rcf told me that he must write a scrolltext for this demo ... so i said that i also write some words ... so here comes some special messages ... wizler - jo man ... i support ya bbs in the next time a little bit more ... twisted - es ist so schoen stoned zu sein ...hehehe ... andre - hope ya will get ya money soon ... addonic - lameness rulez ... end of messages ... ok dudes ... cu l8r | j... and now let's go dr. mabuse original scrolltext coming up wiggle it, just a little bit.... (unknown's lieblingslied....) this demonstration brewed and canned by the unknown breweries kiel, west germany.... best before : see bottom ! this is the situation.... imported... very strong... !elephants beer! w4 this wreckage coded by : ! unknown ! w4 the indistinguishable (what's that man ??) named 'may | 4hem' composed by : romeo and julia ....bullshit.... of course by : romeo knight w4 grafix yodeled by : m a g i c w4 scroll written by scrolltext-master : doctor mabuse w4 message to everyone : stop writing to my 'postlagerkarte' (069070 c and 089114 c in 2300 kiel 1) !!! get busy part one... now here's part two.... ex is part one... unknown ist schwul... ist egal..... (war nur'n s | rcherz...it was just a joke (hoe hoe)....smoerre broed (hoeddehoedde) !!! unknown ist so hohl - der schwimmt sogar in : nein, nicht in milch er schwimmt sogar in : sperma... w3 (he's swimming all the day in sperm!!???) eigentlich muesste ich den scroll gar nicht englisch writen.... die demo kommt sowieso nie bis ins ausland !!! hip hop - rinn in kopp.... now let's get started, put the scroll in motion...(frueher konnte man | die ganze scroll-scheisse auch noch mal beschleunigen, lieber (klingt das nicht schwuchtelig?) unknown... do what you have to do to get down..... unknown stinkt wie'n bauer.... magic is born to be a child.... doctor mabuse greift fremden in die bluse.... visit kiel, visit schwuchtel-unknowm !! w4 bring it all down, do that funky.... hep! wiggle.... wiggle it, wiggle it !!! ey rcf of d-tect - thanx for the nr. !!! just a little b | !invalid response - try again : %c | nq.no free store for filenames - list incomplete | !invalid response - try again : %c | %s%s%s is not a directory | bad arguments | cannot get workspace | %s not found | "could not get information for %s | %s is not a directory | out of workspace | )could not get information f | could not examine disk | unknown option %c ignored | rom ida]oay^\ | pfile not found: %s | freading from animation file | invalid ansq size | not enough memory for ansq | not enough memory | n]nutextptr alloc fails | &vton]nucleanup error %d | ton]nuthis program displays ram animations | usage: movie filename | not enough memory | n]nunot enough memory | not enough memory | file not found | error reading from file | no image found on this file | error: the image has no color information | error: the image has no header information | unable to open screen | unable to open window

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