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Melon Dezign

Demo 1992

Code: Bannasoft
Grafik: Seen
Sound: Audiomonster

UAEInfo: Kick1.3, Floppy 100%

cooles Design + Sound

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| where are those happy days | they seem so hard to find | i tried to reach for you | but you have closed your mind | whatever happened to our love | i wish i understood | it used to be so nice | it used to be so good... | ( alcoholic score ) | * dont spread this! * | rdu er doed hvis dette | modul bliver spredt!! | zdu maa ikke engang | kopiere disken !!!!!! | ring paa tlf 42367221 | og sig din aerlige | mening om dette | welcome to this | now lean back and | enjoy about 10 mins. | of pure melomania!!! | is it getting better | or do you feel | will it make it | easier on you | now you got someone | if you are in | on a saturdaynight! | then join us on | the next part is | he is not only a | cool designer but | also a great friend! | ok tete de mort, go | and kill em all... | well walt... | ..seems like | you are more into | milk and chocolate, | than a cold beer.... | but now..... | with color plus | looks like a | commercial for a | new detergent... | or is it just a | colorcycling tunnel | psychecedelic colors | are great!! | do you like dots? | well, what about | the friendly part! | also in this | your favorite | greetings coming up... | since this is amiga, | let us have some | more vektors..... | can be very useful... | - zoom zoom zoom - | the last effect of | this melonstration.. | going around and | around and around... | is it a bird?? | is it a plane?? | # &melon dezign& # | # sends her # | # & jailliance design & # | only circlescrollers make it possible!!! but then again, is this possible ??? | for the first time on the amiga, we present realtime raytracing !!! just watch those balls. more than three thousand two hundred dots of realtime raytracing plus a circlescroll in (!one!) frame. yes, it is possible! | welcome to the last part of | hmmm, looks like credits... | well, melon dezign of crystal | sends her normal s.o.s.'s to: | devils, scoopex, alliance design, | dreamdealers... and more! | so! what do you think of this | we think it's one of the best | modules ever made on the amiga!! | *audiomonster* is the best! | hmmm, well almost... | and now! the personal greetings | from seen, bannasoft and paleface.... | allo mon cheri! how are you? | are you still dating that | 14 year old girl of yours?? | see you in paris, ok!! | will you ever finish your game?? | what about demo deluxe??? seems | like anarchy aarhus are dead! | so you moved! what about your | mother, will i ever meet her?? | hmmm, oldest guy in the posse, | ever thought about retirement? not | hallo bjarne, will you ever pay | your phonebill(s)??? naa, men du | maa ogsaa videre... | get a job loser! what about quak- | busted?? btw, does the word toygun | mean anything to you???? | gameboy rules!! i'll be back... | you will never beat me in tetris! | hallo el ben kalif, are you sure | it is a good idea to have such a | big hareem... never trine again! | my beers!!! i want my beers! and | i really look forward to see your | the young one! mr.mixer is back!! | what about didi seven.. great!: | is there a mr. al coholic present? | o.g.! get a better music taste... | trains, trains and trains!! why?? | your last intro was great! | when you finish li2, then send it! | all i can say is: sorry! | what about that slideshow! | the real melon!... | juhuhuh travolta... | jens lyn skal i byen naar han er | paa moder0en og ting.. | "i think it is safe to say that no | one ever saw you sober at party." | salaam m. maltese.. how are you?? | we meet again!.. french football | i heard you got out of prison.. | do you like oranges??? i've also | heard you've grown... ever thougth | about basketball???? | my gfx? your game? daphne sotware? | do like teknoting? what about the | music for our game... yum yum! | er i ved at faa hul paa gen-boen?? | husleje er en fael ting! har i | h0rt: david lunch er d0d!.. | send maggy or die... write soon.. | tony funager: | ok snyde jyde bent! det nu hvad | det er? men du maa videre... | about england... i don't know! | year ok!!...tuborg og damer hva! | the lizzard king: | if you ever touch *bodil*, i'll | kill you!! no shit! | thanx for the samples....tillykke | med huen... | red red wine... hmmm who let you | fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... | last but not least... see you in | aars og ting!... | if you want to contact us write to: | *melon dezign* | this is the only real contact address!! | never trust a fake from france.. ehehe! | melon dezign consist of 6 | and thats a magic number.... | super troupers of melon dezign are: | and thats about it!.... | soon to released: | the unofficial eurochart! | intro incredible, the album. | demo over | smoke tune made by: | especially 4 walt of | ))) melon dezign ((( | wanna contact me ? | raphael gesqua | @ 73, boulevard soult | 75012 paris (france) | listen to soult-music | ;de la soult rules !!! | listen to vangelis ! | )listen to all's worth

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