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State of the Art (CULT)


Videodemo 1992

Code: Lone Starr & Major Asshole
Grafik: TMB Designs
Sound: Travolta

Das CULT Dancedemo ?berhaupt! Spezielle Version mit Schm?hbotschaft von SKID ROW ...

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| another lame demo fucked up by spaceballs!!!! but! skid row the leader in the scene made it possible now you can enjoy it on all amigas ( without 680x0,sorry! ) 3 | this -shit- was | tracked by vinnie | protracker musicint | music tracked by : | finished autumn'92 | duration : 3min 24sek | s of this tune which | originally lasted | much longer..... | special thanks 2 my | friends who always | cooperate when i'm in | l the search of new | justin case | z all !spaceballers! | sample #5 was made by

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