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Demo 1991

Code: Sunjohn
Grafik: Sionic & Mikael Balle
Sound: Jesper Kyd

1ter Platz Amiga Convention Summit 1991

Raytracing, Stars, Rubber Vectors,

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| what the hell are you doing in my boot? get out of here before i destroy your diskdrive! >b | surprise surprise, silents dk are back after 4 months of hard work. this demo was released at the static bytes and prologic party, sorry summit on the 28. april. our new coder sunjohn has done all coding and mikael balle and me, jesper kyd, have done most of the gfx, objects, music, designing and so on. at the moment we are sitting at the summit? and the time is 1 am. not very late i guess, but if you havent been sleeping for a couple of days you are very tired. i would like to greet some of my good friends here at this this party. hi to the moses team-bender and u-matic, always remember lasses venner, crionics-i think we had a rather funny ride in the van, to bad about the black kaffa tune he he. i would also like to welcome our 2 new swedish swappers myfo and lando, i hope you like our crazy group. eh, fast normal personal greets to flash production, robbisoft, arcane, extasy, share and enjoy, mahoney and kaktus, palace and brainstorm. yo tsl sweden, why arent you all here??? myfo and lando wishes to greet the following groups... airwalk, amaze, artemis, action, anarchy, blitz, cycron, cave, duel-crew, d-mob, defjam, equinox, fairlight, northstar, duplex, shadows, palace, vogue, raf, rebels, wizzcat, pure metal coders, absehee, dazzle, prologic, quartex, tetragon, utopia, no limits, euphoria, imp. 666, iris and endless piracy. see you in our next kyd-balle production called a journey into the 25. century... end of line... | proudly presents | global trash | lets start the demo | with an advanced | vector routine | and now | our new gfx-man | here we have | a transparent sphere | 508 zooming vecplots | no mirror cheating | or fake calculations | this is real vector | time for a little | spaceship animation | this demo was | static bytes | have you ever seen | 1 pixel rgb plasma? | coming up is a | and let us show you | the last object | from our vector | flying like hell!! | the memory is now | the complete credits list | in order of apperance | mikael balle | full-screen global trash logo | and developed by | kyd-balle productions | special regards to : | conqueror and zike | flash production | lasses venner | red sector-tristar | sorry for all we have not included, | but this is only a one disk demo. | consider to support these boards | terminal disaster whq 215 739 2150 | crime zone euro hq -46 87 178 910 | next generation 514 272 8946 | ultimate dream -44 234 35 32 50 | or write to this address : | poste restante | hold down right button to pause text

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