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Seven Awards

Demo 1993

Raytracing, 3D Vektor, Vektor-Laufanimation

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| high landing | music by dreamweaver | w/seven awards in 1993 | contact me at: | per wahlstrom | i hate the fucking | `i feel forced to code | a new one that will | suffice. shitty init | processing makes this | bone additionally hard | to live with. aarrgh! | hello all out there.. | will someone please | dsend me an a1200, or | i can develop my ray- | tracer...(you can see | some in demo). i'm so | poor and so needing.. | samplename bullshit - | ain't life a bitch! | here it is, the very first | demo from seven awards. | there seems to be something | floating out in the drink... | ssay hello to | /- peanorph puphbrassie - | rhe's a good runner. | 4also real-time calculated | fbut sometimes he just | \this is his brother | *got some serious problems | thank you, kent lindstrom, | for this awesome animation... | here goes the very own | all credits to dreamweaver | this is the last part, bye! | aaaaaa we have come to the end, and it's time for some history! seven awards consist of 3.5 awards (two?) persons. me (archer) and dreamweaver. for those who have been in the scene for more than two years, remember a group called 'aurora'. we were in that group until for about 18 months ago, when aurora broke up. since that time i've completed my military services and taken up coding again... (don't ask what drw's been up to!) well, we heard a rumour about a conference and decided to kill ourselves by listening to tecno if we didn't compete. and here we are after a month's hard labour and aching fingertips! a demo! well, wildfire may not contain the newest of ideas but still it's released, and there will be more prods from us in a few months or a couple of decades ...or so... (bliv intet purkna) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is not dead, which can etarnal lie, yet with strange aeons, even death may die. (h.p. lovecraft) aaa and remember: -- metal rules. -- info-alert: the landscape (?) above consists of no points, no polygons and no kind of blitter fillng. nor does it consist of anything at all. (ta nu fram din action replay v18 och ta en titt i din amiga.) and hail jan guillou for wanting to piss on agneta von schele's desk! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok, let's fall down (?) through a black hole and jump backwards in time... i've just completed the coding on 'the melting face' (i hate converting iff-files!) and i must send a great thanks to my friend and former class-mate kent lindstrom for handing me his great work. thanks man!! shit, the animation consists of 47 (!!) god damn frames which eqals a total of 117312 bytes. not bad! hej till peter hult-konsult, tack for the ride!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | credits for wildfire | ideas and design archer and dreamweaver music: dreamweaver | intro code, gfx: dreamweaver | convex starbox code,gfx: archer | ball shack code,gfx: archer | line-box transformation code, gfx: archer | "the melting face" anim was drawn by our friend: kent lindstrom | raytracing code,gfx:dreamweaver | ending part code,gfx:archer | floater code: dreamweaver | plane-seven code:archer | exploding sphere code: archer | contact seven awards at: | archer/seven awards: | peter purmonen skolvagen 11 760 10 bergshamra sweden phn: (0)176-603 91 | dreamweaver/seven awards: | per wahlstrom uddeby 1111 760 10 bergshamra sweden phn: (0)176-630 91 | xxxxx xxxxx x x xxxxx x x x x x x x xx x xxxxx xxxx x x xxxx x x x x x x x x x xx xxxxx xxxxx x xxxxx x x xxxxx x x xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx x x x x x x x x x x xxxxx x x xxxxx xxxx x x xxxxxx x x x x x x x x x x xx x xx xx x x x x xxxx xxxxx "wildfire", released in august 1993

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