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Twin go Home


Animation 1993

The Baritonal Animation Terminator
Code by Jenko & Cap n Duracell (Wired Minds)
for SMAU 93

Twingo Animation

Amiga Diskfile Image (ADF)

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Textauszug generiert aus ADF-Image:

(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| 4@`ih hipqkj | warning: could not remove trap handler. mmu off. | warning: can't get memory for fastrom | error: no bus error handler installed | warning: can't get memory for trap | (external cache) | shall i try to force switch to pal anyway? | your display seems not to support it. | this bunch of code requires pal! | alas master! | the baritonal animation terminator | code by jenko & cap'n duracell (wired minds) | please wait while loading... | please wait while preparing datas (30 secs)... | alas master! i've had a file problem! | alas master! i need at least 1.5 megs of ram! | alas master! i require a pal mode! | protracker musicint | tnu** user abort requested ** | you need reqtools.library | 5unable to open file | error reading file | out of memory | encrypted file | incorrect password | unknown pp data header | unknown error occured | please verify | bad arguments for failat | fail limit: %n | a9 return code spec for failat | cpu nocache noburst | ;a1000 users will have to improve their old computers with 1meg chip | ;e$g waz here over and over | ; contact 4wd: c.p. 61, i-10099 san mauro torinese; italy!

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