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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| the pentagon circle virusslayer by mr.mountainlake! | thanks to onsala sector for their help! | z2there is a virus / old antivirus on your disk! | d<make it write-enabled & press right button! | (pleft: give control to it (nooo!) right: kill it! | swapping:onsala sector,ljungliden 21,43900 onsala,sweden | presents a new demo......... | graphix done by our pixel magicians...... | muzak by our sound wizards of..... | please note the overlayed chars of this mega font i hope this demo will work on amiga 500 too cause i did not have the time to test it right now | *hey elric : call me up zoon i want to have my modem very soon i dont want more contacts so if you want to get in touch with the headquarter of megaforce contact shark the master on : postfach 773 . 6021 innsbruck . austria no name no letters without disks will be returned we take all disks of lamers as a small christmas present they will all take place under my christmas tree this year he he i will give all my congratulations to the followin | g programmers : wild copper . unknown . flash . lord performer . zeronine . tip . atom . ian and mic . il scuro . bad boy and to this music composers : fred your sounds are absolutly the best . titan . karsten obarski . ack . dave whittaker . jas c.brooke . hans yes i know there are a lot more good programmers and sound wizards but i did not have more in my mind right now enough about this stuff here is ranger on the board again | well we had some internal problems the last time, but i hope they are cleaned up yet here is the actual list of our members now austria : ranger . reflex . charly . shark the master . bitflashers . crazy typer . illusion . ace france : nasty boy . ghostrider . little zeus u.s.a : retro and elric bbs : 815 - 458 - 2236 germany : cyborgs and luxor well that about our members here are our greetings in no order first cl | ass hellos to : quartex . bamiga sector one and quoram . invisible crime . ddc . fairlight . cascade . the silents . vision factory and beyonders . defjam and redsector . magnificent force . jungle command . powerslaves . the whizzard . and here are the normal ones to : tsk crew . subway . afterburners . thorax . ian and mic . share and enjoy . the firm . starline . mad monks . ackerlight . the band . ipec elite . public enemy no 1 . powerstack . tsb . antrax . ibb and digi | ftech and knighthawks . f4cg . thrust . silicon league . plasma force . dominators . sinners . oracle . prophets ag . northstar . stack and xmen . byterapers send your adress next time . lazy . the wizards . alcatraz and all other friends we know right now nothing more to say , so bye bye | nu!!! out of my code, asshole !!! remember that major rom is and will always be the best !!! so don't put your slimy pirate fingers on my routines !!! quadlite - the name of fame ... quadlite - the masters of the universe ... quadlite - double sided double density quality cracks ... quadlite - the name beside unit a & mr. zeropage ... quadlite - software that runs ... quadlite - easily copyable ... | ^nu s8 quadlite! presents w5 d s2 el egg tronic quartz s4 nearly all programming done by zeronine s2 hey, we are looking for a japanese guy who can translate our japanese pc-engine magazines if you are interested then call the number which will be mentioned later ....... thanx to irata/fred sector for this great music | some hellos to unit a, red sector + defjam, d.o.c, thrust, world of hondas, megaforce + luxor, fashion, indy inc. and to all pc-engine owners note !! it is n o t true that major rom gave up cracking albedo, he only didn't finish it because his pc-engine arrived and .................. and now press mouse-button to continue !!! w6 | lcall zeronine: 09721/16189 in west-germany ! | megaforce proudly present | nuyeah !! you are right !! it's again the world famous amigavision crew !!! note press right mouse button to stop the scrolling ! what a boring scroll !!! let's make some action !!! | vhey ! what a nice effect !!! more of it! hey elipse jump up and down a l | 4mittle bit !!! | vso, we have now an elipse which jumps up and down but not more !! please move left and right, too ! | vbut were is the music ?? here she comes !! please turn on the music ! | v nice effect, eh ??? | vif you want to contact us for the latest stuff just write to: | vnow the golden handshakes to : | vamiga action | vbeastie boys | vbad boys of w.o.w | vcromags crew | vgreat made of accession | vhenning presenning | vhighlander of team-x | vmr.wiz of the bloodsuckers | vmad butcher | vnorthern mirage | vomega crew | voverlord of deathstar | vshorty soft | vthe sex boys | vthe top boys | vtini tiger of the power boys . | vend of greetinx ! turn off the effects !!! | !unable to create backgr | !unable to create backgr | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | graffitis soundmonitor body | audio master | audio master | pcopyright 1987 digital sound creation.

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