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Diskmag 1991

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(Text gehört zur ganzen Disk, nicht immer zwangsläufig zum angezeigten Demo!)

| has found a possible virus in memory | choose hard reset on menu. | press right button. | memory is off drives are off | f3 - drives on/off | f4 - hard reset | f5 - install boot | left button to exit to system.. | coded by kris of anarchy | if you only have 0.5 mb, disconnect all external drives | replace volume | is out of range | - bad extension | - not directory or file | bitmap checksum error | - bad block type | - unexpected data block&* | - second root block | - bad directory& | - bad header | contact us at: | and that's what i don't consider very nice or reasonable. because | if you, for example, are swapping with somebody, it is usually a person, | not a group. and so it would be nicer to greet the person. | one reason to that ' | ' i see is some kind of status-thing. | you have to show other people how " | a" contacts you have. | and there are swappers who only get contacts to get more groups to their | lists. and, if i am somewhere allowed to use the word ' | (which i hate!), it is here, pointing to that previous | in common, there are also usual misunderstanding about ' | jbeing a good | a'. some fellows thing that if you are not in famous group, | you can't be good swapper or reliable contact. | and now there steps out again the ' | a" swappers are not | allowed to swap with ' | a' swappers, because they could | lose their reputation in other " | well, i can't change the situation, but if you are enough sensible | to notice that, you could do something for 'better tomorrow'... | to the end i want to send | ngreetings to these pals | saracen of ataribusters | 1-hag of hardline | a waiting for the sun...! | juzzi of perfect illusion | a we'll meet in school... | catman of whiskeycat | a we'll also meet in school... argh! | cprices for advertisements : | a add for article | call stuff (only leg | oal) concerning maggy must be sent to following addresses: | mic dair hyde | aki sihvonen harri hytonen | hirsimetsantie 103 as. 5 rakentajantie 4 b 21 | 15150 lahti 15870 hollola | finland finland | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------ou order a issue of maggy from us you must | oinclude your own disk | is your address (reada | rnd there's lots of things about this matter, but i try to | keep this article short that everybody could read it. | because this is important! | dax the alien | a - thing that if you are not in famous group, | you can't be good swapper or reliable contact. | and now there steps out again the ' | a" swappers are not | allowed to swap with ' | a' swappers, because they could | lose their reputation in other " | cfirst words of maggy 11 | terve! here we are with new issue of maggy. and ofcourse we have a new routine | due to previous unworking code. this time maggy is | coded by our new member | epidemic. probably you thought that we never would publish our lovely diskmag | again, but you were wrong...heh heh. we always do that we have promised to do. | as you can see outlook has changed very dramatically. your can judge yourself | if it's better than maggy 10. and please, give us your opions about this one | and we will do our best to develop our mag. | hey you!!! we still need your support. all kind | of material for following issues are very wel- | come but note that this time you must be bit | faster because this time we promise to release | maggy in time (= 1-2 months). read info page | for new ways to write your article and adverts. | cyours : hyde & mic dair | bpress cursor key down... | a: cursor key to right = next article | cursor key to left = previous article | cursor key to down = next page | cursor key to up = previous page | you can choose an article with mouse in menu | move mousepointer to the lowest line for next page | move mousepoint | er to the uppest line for previous page | left mousebutton for menu | help key for menu | numerical pad for changing pages. just enter the pagenumber you | would like to read. | esc key to exit to dos | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------e your article and adverts. | cyours : hyde & mic dair | ascene in vaasa-finland | afinnish modemscene report | aanarchy party '92 information | asigma miniparty report | atreacl partyreport | ademo reviews | anewcomers 2 - the revenge of old fart | agreetings - what's them for? | afinnish uploade | ajustifying stolen data's "the scene that was" | ahow to be completely legal? | athe real story about stranger (jarnis) and his hardware stuff | azados is still alive and never forgotten | anews and rumours | athree guys from oldenburg and a car on saturday night | athe invicible spirit | ashitty dude | ahow to get an girl with using finnish language | aour big universe | awhat do monkeys know? | alilla lovestory | arecord review : metallica | abad english? | arock is dead - punk is back | adepeche mode songs | imain editors | complex - mic dair | jother editors of maggy # 11 | front 242 - ray jackson | anarchy - judge drokk | probe - ax the alien | spirit - daddy freddy | ghostly spreaders - macno | supplex - biscrok electron - crux | probe - ax the alien | spirit - daddy freddy | hat! this tex | ugomade fun of you !! | more you die!~ | as written by | cmacno / ghostly spreaders | ment section. | @amiga stuff and tapes | ever do nothing | complex - maggy # 11, while loading | convert pictures for use of maggy). | cprices for ordering maggy : | then you order a issue of maggy from us you must | oinclude your own disk | is your address (reada | a, at your service. | complex - maggy intro, while loading | maggy issue 11 and new intro | support our boards: | celtic path: +49-201-557688 or the watchtower: +358-18-805910 | %s already exists | !invalid option combination n & h | !invalid option combination n & h | q5; c o m p l e x presents maggy issue 11 and new intro '92 | intro ; code: epidemic, music: delorean and graphics: cockatrice | maggy#11 ; code: epidemic, music: delorean and graphics: cockatrice | see ya soon................... | bdanish scen | c menu and editors | afirst words of issue #11 and instructions | amenu and editors | ainterview with crush | ainterview with s!p of trsi and some others | ainterview with scoopex | ainterview with vision factory | adanish scenereport | afinnish scenereport | agerman scenereport | anorway scenereport | ascene in graz-aust | cgreetings - what's them for? | in almost every demo ,intro or other product what can be imagined, | you can see so-called ' | a'. in other words, some person or group | is greeting some other person or group. it is nice, because that | is one way to improve ' | a'. but, big but, the ' | are usually kind of ' | a'-lists. if you see what i mean... | the guy who are greeting someone, usually just greets th | cfirst some instructions how to write an article for coming issues | write your article for example with cygnus ed or some other program | which is ascii compatible. | articles are 80 chars wide and there is no limit with high. | we dont allow you to use any pictures because we will make all pictures by | ourselves we need (it's bit hard to | binterview with jhl, avalon, storm and the man | this interview was made on friday 01-24-92... it started at 21:40pm and ended | at 23:00pm..(80 minutes!) this was made on-line in zenlandia using a hst-modem | with these kool d00ds... | sysop of zenlandia | sysop of speed grove | sysop of wasted time | sysop of jokapaikanluuseri | and it was ofcoz done by | a! (this shit coste | a: ootas, piirran kuvan: | ccat: do you have a girlfriend? descripe her.. | a: huunous, at least she thinks so. | ccat: hhehe... do you like this mag (maggy)? what should we change on it? | a: more numbers? maybe even 2 in same year? too much work? hahah. | a: used to be good, haven't seen the new ones. | a: more finnish stuff, who cares about the rest of the luusers. | ccat: hih.. and finalally the last question.... but don't write too much.. | please.. my phonebill.. aargh.. its growing and growing all the time.. | 52p/min.. ok, that's enough of bullshit... last words and greets? | a: 52p/min trough diana!?!?!? should be about 32 p/min? | a: see you all at eastern conference at norway! | sn.. greetz to sorehead, | reebok, spockki ja ekku / tekno twittansm und hydex! | a: god pless as all wht!. greez: none. not even for equ. to all i know. | a: heissans to jippo / purebyte, axa / x-men, hoffo / b-s-c-r-s, | final word: yes!. | ccat: thanx a lot!!! .... little information about this... this interview | was made in 80 minutes... not using diana.. becoz it dosen't work | here.. (fuck you php!) and made by catman.. it will (maybe) published | and released through the hyde & mic dair inc. on next week.,... and | ofcoz in a new kind of maggy!!! i hope u can get it from your local- | lamer.. who ul's it to here.. (heh) but bye for now.. and best wishes | from catman!!! | .. last words and greets? | a: 52p/min trough diana!?!?!? should be about 32 p/min? | a: see you all at eastern conference at norway! | time of death star.. and maybe even x-men, but becoz the man was in | x-men no comments.. | ccat: the man and avalon?!? | a: quite luuska business.. | ccat: what about finnish modemscene? | a: getting better all the time, but the north is getting colder when the | hottest stuff came to south only.. (cat: as you see.. all these guys | live in helsinki!) | ccat: could you name the 3 best b | cfmoards in funland, europe and usa? | wasted time | speed grove. (and who are the boldy sysops!? yeah!) | hmm.. that's quite hard to say, becoz i dont call so much, but my | opinion is that the best ones we are in are: | gotham city | street of fire. | danse macabre | ice station zebra. | ccat: now ver | y difficult question. which country has the fastest modemscene? | a: states. might be german sometimes, perhaps even holland, england.. and | ofcoz olari-city. (cat: yeah! olari-city indeed) | ccat: you all have the same opinion?? | a: yeaps. at least jhl and the man, who live in olari-city. | ccat: okay.. what is best pardie you have ever been to? | a: riparin pailut. (cat: that must have been really fun!) | a: last frida | a: the one i dont remember? or i just dont confess that one.. | a: lahden partyt '88 | oyeah! the lahti ultimate-catastrophe-pardie! | no carrier - (my shit modem wasn't willing to continue the conversation | with those d00ds... so i had to call them again! (aargh!) | ccat: hehe.. a little carrier lost.. makes the life more exciting.. eh? | but i were able to save the capture anyway.. (thanx to god!) | that's the ultimate dream! | ccat: yes.. back to the interview.. only 9 questions to go.. yeah!! | and to next one.. only one (1) answer from each one... please? | ccat: what is your favorite? | film: hmm.. who nous, i dont watch so much | becoz my leffa- | suppliers are so deadly slow (jarnis, target, spockki, | tounzena -> shame on you guys!) | coder: iiks? jhl vaikka.. kun kerran pakotit. | sysop: uzi? joukki!. noh, kun sielt{ saa liitsata. | film: any kood action movii vill do the | game: shoot'em up, ikariwarriors from 64 | country: grani-city, hyi. (jhl: olarin takapajula.) | sysop: madman. so fucking achious to get a call from me. | drink: blue lagoon. | game: wild wheels. | a: computer: a3000+ progressive 40 turpo. | hardware: homemade a500 ram exp. | person: katti (cat: why not catman?) | ccat: what's your opinion about ec? yes or no!? | a: becoz of samat softalait, hyi! | ccat: do you like animals? | a: 3 (cat: nice answer!) | a: agnuksen kanta only. | ccat: your favorite musicstyle? | a: heavy rulez. | a: pop. (jhl: no huh huh!) | ccat: do you have a sister? | ccat: jhl and storm only... age of your sister? | a: huunous, huukkers. too young & fat anyway. | descripe the hottest girl you have ever seen? | quantums, 4 external drives, 2 monitors, teevee, printer, zenthing ii, | joystick, mouse, another mouse, lots of diskettes, hst, asta 2400, 2 | external powers... | extra mem. disks, tv etc. | 1*150mb, drives total 31!, 2mb mems for a500 * 32, gvp ii *1, | controllers for amiga 6, for pc 10+, 2* page streamer, 8 monitors, | 3*2400mnp modems, 7*2400 modems, hst ds + hst, 2* fax modems.. and | 9 peecee computers.. and lotsa more.. (enough??) | (cat: do you have any else?!?! are these guys rich or what? hehe...) | he name of your board and ofcoz the number of it? | a: the man forgot the laser and the other printers.. | a: zenlandia - 358 0 private (hahah!) | a: speed grove - 358 0 592413 | a: wasted time - 358 0 5053602 | ccat: how many users you have in your board? who is your best uploader? | a: zenlandia - about 70 active now when i kicked 50 users. | top uploader spock tbb! | a: speed grove - 30 active. top uploader jhl tb | stormi. (in that | a: wasted time - 60-70 active. best uploader, jhl tbb! (150mb, hahah) | ccat: how big was your last phonebill? | a: 1360,- (jhl: last half year total 7000,-) | do you use calling cards or other tricks to save money? | a: nono. that's illegal? hmm.. well, those previou | s amounts were local | ccat: have you all got the same opinion?! | a: nooh.. yeah! might be.. propably not.. but i am writing. hehheh... | yeah.. well, carding is fun but crime, like all the fun? | ccat: how long you have been in your current crew? any groups before it? | a: trsi for 5 months. before that groups like afl, anthrox, sector 4, | tbb.. which is still the best... cracking group in finl | a: for 6 months. afl, anthrox, sector 4, not tbb... almost the same, | a: independent for ever.. 'mista tbb on lyhennys?'.. (cat: the big boys) | a: okay too.. | ccat: how many members there are in your current crew? | a: hmm.. if you want the whole memberlist, you have to wait.. there has | been lotsa talk about that amount of members would be messy, but | that conciders onl | y trsi, s!p is very well organized, thanks to | reebok. (you'll get the amount later, i have to get the list | somewhere.. ) same from storm? | ccat: aha... and... does your crew have a leader, who the hell is he? | a: reebok.. memberlist of s!p (week old, propably no changes.) | }^5, trion, tsm, warhead, zwullo.. i know, a lot, but a lot | of them are working on something big like commercial stuff... | ccat: how do you rate your crew at this point? | a: hmm.. hard to say, i think our status will rise in the near future, | becoz of lotsa new and good coders have joined us in the past month. | - most of the guys you see in that list are coders, and quite active | ones too.. i've got already couple of previews of unrele | and the german sector is working on something bigger. | ccat: storm.. are you dead... huh?!? | a: dont know, becoz he hasn't got the memberlist with him.. but enough, | atleast 20 members.. (worldwide.... ofcoz.) | leader of rebels is m:et & nick, not sure... hehe.. | ccat: have you any plans for your crew in the future? | a: i am making code all the time, i use them in somewhere when i want to | release some | thing, but i haven't decided what / when i will. i also | do some utility-stuff, like dfitf (yeah, paid commercial!) and | propably will release some improved version of amiexpress in the | future. (cat: i am waiting for it!) | ccat: what about rebels? | a: propably something at our summerparty '92, come and see! (cat: yes | i'll, if meegosh lets me in! hah..) | ccat: now these stupid group questions are over.. and all of you can take | part of this questionary... what do you think about the finnish scene? | (not about modemscene yet!) | a: well, what can i say about the releases of finnish crews during last | half year? hmm.. nohthing really good, the dual crew's demo is best | i've seen.. well, i could use the words of some glory thinker, suxx | 4ever?... (cat: who the hell he might be?) | a: getting better, but nothing like the glory days of scoopex and th | ccat: introduce yourselves (names, ages, functions etc.)? | a: 19, functions are good. hmm.. coding, tradeing, sysopping, tbb'ing. | a: 21, jhl's hardware supplier. | ccat: how much time do you spend in front of your amiga each day? | a: about 20, some of them sleeping. | a: too many. | ccat: when did you bought your computers/modems? | a: amiga 4 years, hst 10 months. | a: amiga 5 years, hst 3kk. | a: amiga 4 years, hst 6kk. | a: amiga 6 years, hst 18kk. | ccat: do you have other hobbies than computers and modems!?!? if you have.. | explain what!?!? | ccat: what hardware do you use?

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