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The Final Master Crew Demo

Master Crew

Demo 1990

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| xit a minute........" | path sys:system add | makedir ram:c | copy c ram:c quiet | @ preferences :- problem with graphics library ! | @ preferences :- problem with math library ! | @ preferences :- problem with intuition library ! | @ preferences :- unable to open a window ! | @ preferences :- unable to set the required font ! | xillegal gadget number. | preferences: unable to write file! | graphics library not found. | math library not found. | dos library not found. | where did in | intuition library not found. | preferences: unable to open a window. | preferences: problem with setfont. | key repeat speed | key repeat delay | right margin | custom printer name | narrow tractor | wide tractor | black and white | tfmcd - the final master crew demo ! - | (digitally remastered from | original mastercrew (hahaha) tapes) | originally recorded at saaritie 18 studios, march 199 | all rights reserved mc/fbl/close to the edgeprod. 1992 | the hole wide europe. - hey i gotta lada in my pocket. | hdfcredits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison it's smicher here fighting with the keyboard... elet's get the new object on the screengcf tycker du om min rolex? min rolex har stoppat det moste go sin veg thump!!!e what a fuck??? hur gor det till? aif let's look some movies on mtv! etko tiennyt, etta tv:n katselu ravistaa silmia? | e no telkut makeen, ja uudet kamat tiskiin... bjf no finska-ponska, siinahan on napsakka vekotin... mika paska lieneekaan sitten, no mutta sehan on james blondin kuu-raketti! e kiinnostasko vahan noppapeli? ckf no niin... siinahan se noppa sitten napottaa... mutta eihan siina ole edes numeroita! nej, men uch!!! sehan pyorii kuin puolukka sian hetulassa!!! e et muuten arvaa, etta taa demo on arvokas...alf ihan timantit ja kaikki! dadaa! jos jot | akuta kiinnostaa koodaus ja sourcet, niin ota yhteys johonkin meittin memberiin, anna osoitteesi hanelle, ja sitten mie pirraatan taikka heitan letterilla!!! e scroll restarts | rk joe mr. proper so our little meeting is now here but now they are going to go home (rain jive proper morrison dreammmaster) snif snif mod sod sod so our meeting is going to be over soon .............................................................................................................................................. the time have come so this scroller restarts so fuck you a s s h o l e s fan | l<utzua eiks jeh minapa kirjotan teille hieman suomea kivat sulle makkara kun olit niin palanut eilen saunassa ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? niinpa joo palohalytyskin rupes vittuilee ku makkarat karahti saunan uunissa eilis iltana lauantai saunassa perkule vautsi vision x nimisesta super mega coolista teamista soittaa meille juuri heidan vielakin coolimpi boss called parrax welllllllllllllllahjj njah njah orggg no onpa hieno | filimin patka top gun noppsa niinpa tama srollixi kutsuttu paskan jauhamis osio tasta demontroxista onpi kohtapuolliin ohixi voih parraxin aiska haluu lopettaa poikansa ............ rankka aitsyli pitaa varoo etten suututa sita lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame | v lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison it's shark here again ! check out joe's text | for something bullshit!!!!!!!!!!( you know top ace and pop breaker...bullshit...) ta and pb... why did you let vision-x call me?!?!?! oh fuck!!!!!! parrax is a nice guy and his team is fucking cool !!!! they have now finished their second intro !!!!!!! tsiisus kraist !! they are gonna have a party in parrax's place !! whatta mega party ! there is gonna be many coolteams like hmm... somebody .(maybe) funny hellos and nice terkut to parrax of ex-vision for being so fucking | cool man! he doesn't let his mother give orders to him ! he is brave ! ok!! i'll maybe call you... or maybe i let tc to call you !!!!!!!!! bye !!!!!!!!!!! | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison you are reading the scroller written by boba fett first big thanx to jake of rupusoft for digizing sounds for me... i hope to see new rupusoft products soon (they are coooooooooool!!!!) | message to mats palm.... hi lamer!!!! is it cool to be the lamer of the century??? hahahaaaa message to xor of d.mob: hi dude!!!!! hope you like this demo . i hope to see new ones from you soon!!! message to duddie of quartet inc. hi man! i hope to see new demos from you soon (you are cool coder!) message to koen of the copy crew : i have always wondered why philips is so lame to ma | \ke anything but now i know the reason hahahaaaa i'm waiting for your comics to coming up . and message to pontifex of the crazy crowd... hey , it's cool that you are also a rap-freak just like me (but i like also heavy-metal so fuckin' much!!!) well , last message goes to all finnish groups: why there is no one organizing big party in the finnish scene??) i hope that cave will organize party in riihimaki this summer... | x last words from me: you gonna fight for your right to paaaaaaaaaarty !!!!!!!!!!! scrolltext restarts... | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison hello every little assholes, how are you, i`m fine and i hope you are too fat and slime like me and my friend rainy | tsupfa tsupfa tsuu housut tippuu ja jortikka on baundiksessa now my little friends it`s time to shake it baby jeeeh. - my godness i have packed myself in the livingroom while my guitar gently weeps in my ass. good afternoon i'm a jehova's witness and i want to talk with you about pain in a.. no, sorry my head is too small. -and now my little sugarpie it`s time for poem. i i`m feeling blue like my friend sue and yuo too asshole i gotta hole in my ass and y | ou better be too or you are revolting so little sugarbimp bimb bimb bimpsaloorsaa lakkaa lakkaa rypsipiiraat and fast!!! - here is lars leevi lestadius and a joke: sven svensson went to see a doctor. he said: 'listen to this doc old boy, i fell in love with a horse.' 'mymhhh what kind of horse?' asked doctor. 'a mare of course all sweedes are not pervertic!!!!!!!!!!!' got it, good and now back to the poem:. do you that finland is the most expensive country in | ppas to all mc members. these write-errors were written by shark! barf !!!!!!! | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison hello hello hello t h i s i s joe did you get it i am joe writing this nice scroller my opinion of this demo is that it could be better than it is but anyway it's good enough well i am | now lookig tv and the program that is coming is bill cosby show and i think it's quite funny and now i am going to look it and leave this not so funny scroller ................................................................................................................................................................oh sorry i forgot this scroller ................... well the date is now 24.3-90 and im sitting in our living room and writing this text to rain's amiga and looking | at the text from dr.jive's monitor understood ? but how it is possible ? well i guess you don't know that we have a little meeting here in s o t k a m o metropol biggest city in whole world well maybe not so big or do you think that sotkamo's population (a bit over 13 000) is big enough to be biggest city in world ? well back to business we have meeting as i said before here is dreammaster dr.jive joe (me) morrison mr proper rain in my castle pl | us shark but he isn't here just now . he is in his own home and it's less than two kilometre from here well well i think i have writen enough bullshit to this demo and i am going to quit now see you later........... alligator(assholes) ops i almost forgot my address for those idiots who are so called swapper j o u k o k o r h o n e n s a a r i t i e 1 8 8 8 6 0 0 s o t k a m o f i n l a n d so t | hat's all about that crap see you later .................................................................... | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison and here you can read master greetings rewritten by joe i am really sorry if somebody is missing master crew greetlist : abandon abyss access acu alcatraz & tsk-crew | alfa crew alpha flight amaze amiga industries & freedom force amiga union anarchy uk apace apex arcadia arcane arctic team armada atomic attrium avenger avoid bad boy boogie balance barna byte busters beastie boys beast inc. beyond force big ones billy john birds of prey biscaya blasters inc. bloodsuckers blue computers inc. boynty brainstorm brain wave byterapers bytesoldiers cabe | california beach boys caos cartel cave cbb celtic channel 1 choppers circus of power classic clones cocon complex cosa nostra critters crusaders cryptoburders d.mob d-tect dark co-operation darkness dark shadows deathzone deepzone defcon 1 defjam & ccs depredators dexion digitech disknet double trouble druids dual crew dynasty e&l belgium eazy-e ehs elite escape era | eternity europe european software agency exel uk exelsors exodus exorcist exult fashion fat agnus flash production foft foundation frantic fraxion geswapo guts & glory hardcore headwave hellas homeboy horizon h.q.s humanoids hypnosis imp 666 impact inc. irongods it italian bad boys joy division kawajoe & geier kefrens law enforcement lazer legion 7 level 4 lsd m.a.d. | n maffia mages of dawn magnetic fields mega-powers metal team mexx microwave mind warriors miracle mystix napalm network neutron dance new zealand express no limits nova inc. nukebusters onyx oracle over scan paranoimia phaze 101 phobia prism pulsar quartet inc. quicksilver rats rebels red sector rigor mortis road warriors rupu-soft satan-force savage scoopex semi coders shaf | iki siamus silverhawks skylight soft island southern connection oz spectre spirit storm shadow subsoftware belgium subway success sun connection supplex team-x tetragon tetrax thalysis the copy-crew the crazy crowd the cult the cure the giants the gods the great swappers the lost boys the teutonics tommy knockers top swap tornado torro cracking service touch track 31 trilogy tri | kstar triumph u-96 underground professionals unit one vision visual arts wizzcat wonderstorm x-beat x-men xpo x-ray zenith zerox zombie boys | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison well well it's joe again writing scroller i am now at shark's place and here are rain morrison dr. jive dreammaster sha | credits: code by smircher music by grade logo by morrison hello there!!! the master crew is proud to present a new vector-demo ! ok, hello men ! it's shark here ! well, well .... first i'll send welcome hellos to mc new coder... butcher . hello butcher ! i hope you like it here . send very soon some products to me or the joe ! .............. sckweek !!! big ben ! think about it and try to u | gnnderstand whitch is the best move to everyone ! send soon, too . tc... piip ! make f a s t many different kind of gfx . stargazer !!!! thanx for big help... send more easy sources and call more often ! smircher... those fucking cool helloweens to you, too ! ( ofcourse ) ok... now one fact to all of you : if you are cool coder (or musician) , so contact us for joining !! you wanna join as a swapper ? hmm... we can think about it... ok! you'll find ad | dress from other place than here . muaoh, mad lord of tmx... was it funny trip ? thanx for the card ! see you ! mrhh! eku and someone else of cave... what have you told about me ? i have talked nothing stupid things about your cave . if you have something to tell me, say it to me, not other mc members ! ok ? ok ! and now... if you wanna contact for joining or swapping, check out the joe's or somebody others texts . at the finish of my shitchat i'll give warm hippaho | !invalid option combination n & h

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